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Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 | J.Crew silk dress with Lucky Brand denim jacket and Jessica Simpson blue suede heels |

Remix #14 of 30 :: black dress + denim jacket + blue suede heels

Beginning and ending the week in the same little black dress. The best part of a capsule wardrobe is the excuse to wear your favorite pieces all the time. (The worst part: you gotta stay on top of your laundry!)

I’m so happy it’s Friday. Our pretty little flower shop is currently under siege; we’re swarming with giant flies that literally popped up overnight. We just have to survive a few hours until we can close for the weekend and let exterminators fog the place. Owning a business: never a dull moment!

So I thought we’d wrap up the week with some good stuff from around the ‘web:

  • I loved the Buzzfeed post ‘Getting Rid of Clothes I Hated Helped Me Love My Body.’ Quote of the piece: “And so I will share with you what I wish someone had shared with me: If you open your closet and realize things are no longer fitting you, you don’t have to assign it any emotional significance.”


  • If you need me over Thanksgiving break, I’ll be watching the Gilmore Girls revival, which premiers on Netflix November 25th. The first trailer gave me all the feels! (I’m already worried that the four-part series just isn’t going to be enough.)



  • Any other Hanson fans in the house? (Don’t be shy, you’re in great company here.) It’s been TWENTY YEARS since the release of Mmmbop — I still know all the words, thankyouverymuch — and the brothers recently reunited for an acoustic rendition that will make your day.



Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 | J.Crew silk dress with Lucky Brand denim jacket and Jessica Simpson blue suede heels |

Pssst… these blue suede heels are Jessica Simpson oldies-but-goodies, but here’s another cute pair under $100!

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  1. 7.31.16


  2. 7.30.16

    You look so cute! We love the way you styled this look!

  3. 7.30.16
    isamacena said:

    I love your looks! This is especially nice to go out at night even in the Brazilian winter totally usable and adorable!! PS: I feel the same about Gilmore Girls <3

  4. 7.29.16

    I am honestly just so in love with your shoes!

  5. 7.29.16

    I was obsessed with Hanson back in the day!

  6. 7.29.16

    Love your web round up & could not be more excited to have happened across a Hanson fan! I have seen them TWICE in the past 5 years! They are better with age & mmmbop live is just as amazing as my 13y/o self dreamed.

  7. 7.29.16
    Lauren Nakagawa said:

    Great basics!


  8. 7.29.16
    CJ said:

    Just love your shoes!!

  9. 7.29.16
    Bec said:

    I also read and loved that Buzzfeed post! It makes so much sense.

  10. 7.29.16

    I love your dress! I wear a lot of dresses with jean jackets during the summer too – comfy, cute and requires no zero thought.

    • 7.29.16

      I literally thought I was the only tbh because I get so many crazy looks when I go out but I am so comfortable!!

      • 7.29.16

        What you get crazy looks? Its basically my summer uniform! 😉 I say give them a crazier look back! 😝

  11. 7.29.16

    So cute!