Creative Remixing

Remixes # 17 & 18 of 30 :: shirt dress + wrap skirt + nude stilettos

When your wardrobe options are limited, you have to get creative: put a wrap skirt over a shirt dress and it looks just like a cute sleeveless top. Remixing is all about using your favorite pieces in unexpected ways, which is why I love the 30 for 30 challenge.

(I’ve also worn this LOFT tie-waist shirt dress over my white ankle skinny jeans, bloused up over the waist tie to shorten the length so it looks like a tunic shirt.)





7 thoughts on “Creative Remixing

  1. Whenever I read about re-mixing clothes I get so inspired, but then I go to my closet and can never figure out how to do that with my own wardrobe! :/


  2. I seriously want a shopping/thrifting date or an afternoon with you in my closet! I’ve only gone shopping ONCE in the last two years. My pocketbook appreciates it, but my look needs HALLLLPPPPP. I love the fact that you turned this into another completely different outfit. In your words-ish: I’m just a girl, standing in front of her closet, asking it to turn into Nordstrom. Or at least Nordstrom Rack. :-/

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