My Summer Capsule Wardrobe Breakdown

Although I’m not finished sharing my 30 for 30 remixes here on the blog, I stuck to my summer capsule wardrobe through the entire month of July* and I’m still reaching for the capsule section of my closet when I get dressed every morning.

A sweet reader requested a detailed breakdown of my capsule wardrobe on Instagram, so I put together an itemized list of the 30 pieces, along with some substitutions to make it work into the next season if you’re inspired to try a 30 for 30 of your own. (I highly recommend it; it’s an awesome way to hit the reset button on your wardrobe if you find yourself in a style rut.)

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 Breakdown //


I stuck with mostly neutral basics to keep things ‘mixable’, but threw in a bright dress, printed skirt and blue suede heels for pops of color. This summer capsule wardrobe can transition right into fall with a few easy swaps (most of which you probably have in your closet).





  • denim cutoff shorts (fall swap: another jacket or sweater)
  • dark denim trouser shorts (fall swap: dark trouser jeans)
  • white ankle skinny jeans (fall swap: black or gray skinnies)
  • straight cropped boyfriend jeans
  • dark hi-rise skinny jeans
  • black ankle trousers
  • floral print wrap pencil skirt (fall swap: a solid, seasonal print, or tweed skirt or trouser)


  • black leather slingback flat sandals (fall swap: leopard flats)
  • nude leather studded slide sandals (fall swap: neutral sneakers)
  • cognac suede ballet flats
  • espadrille wedges (fall swap: ankle booties)
  • royal blue suede heels (any pop of color will work here)
  • brown leather stacked heel sandals
  • nude ankle wrap stilettos (fall swap: nude leather pumps) Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 Shoes

* I’m still honoring my shopping fast; no new purchases until all 30 outfits are posted on the blog! In the meantime, I’m working on my fall shopping list, and will share that here soon.

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  2. 12.2.16

    Beautiful wardrobe collections

  3. 10.22.16


    I came upon your post by accident, and I saw your posts about those flower bouquets and fashion and I tell you, I’m a sucker for those!

    Too bad I live so far away – here in the Philippines – and I would love to see your flower shop personally, and shop at your “on-sale” fashion stores.

    I’m working in an office… Can you show me attire combinations that are appropriate for the office? I admit I badly need help in this area. :)

  4. 8.19.16

    I love this kind of posts! :)

  5. 8.10.16
    erikadvm said:

    Wow love the shoe collection! These are so beautiful and perfect for summer <3 You have great pieces here:)

  6. 8.10.16

    WOW you’re capsule is perfect, I’m actually writing a post soon about capsule wardrobes as a way to save money would you mind if i link this post as another reference?

    • 8.10.16

      Please, feel free! And come back and tell me when you post your capsule post, I’d love to peep it. ;)

  7. 8.10.16

    This is perfect. I really wanted to do this…I’ll make sure to put it on my goal list for hopefully the Fall. I did go through my closet with the “Honesty” comb early this summer. I was honest with myself as to what no longer appealed to me, or no longer felt comfortable, or no longer connected to who I am. I donated it all. I felt such a sense of relief being able to see clearly what I usually wear. There is still more than 30 items in my closet though which is frustrating because I’m sure I only reach for about 30 pieces as my “go to” items. I may do the “honesty” thing again at the end of the summer since I’ll know what I never put on. Looking forward to seeing all of your outfits.

    — The Pretty Platform (a.k.a. Elke)

    • 8.10.16

      You’re on the perfect track! I went through my closet with the ‘honesty’ comb about three years ago and it totally changed my style game. It really helped me hone my style and change some bad shopping habits.

      I don’t operate on a capsule wardrobe full-time; this was just a month-long ’30 for 30′ challenge and summer capsule wardrobe rolled into one to help me get creative with my closet. I don’t think you necessarily need a limit on the amount of stuff in your closet, as long as you’re stocking it thoughtfully. :)