Denim Trouser Shorts


easy denim shorts outfit for the weekend //

Remix #20 of 30 :: denim shorts + roll-sleeve shirt + stacked heel sandals

I’m trying to wrap things up a little early at the shop today. C took a very rare day off from work and we’re hoping to get to the golf course before the rain starts, so I’m zooming through this post — gotta keep the remix train rolling so I can finish this summer 30 for 30 before Thanksgiving —  to knock out my last flower deliveries and get this weekend started. Happy Friday!

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  1. 8.14.16
    Janina said:

    Cute look!!

  2. 8.14.16

    Soooo cool ! ;)

  3. 8.13.16
    Lauren Nakagawa said:

    Love the pop of color!


  4. 8.12.16

    The bag is too cute!

  5. 8.12.16
    CJ said:

    Love shorts and bag !!!
    Happy Friday to you

  6. 8.12.16
    Lise said:

    Wouldn’t have guessed that they were denim from a distance, looks good though :)