Summer Ain’t Over Yet


Gurl, put down that pumpkin spice latte: Labor Day may be behind us, but we still have a few weeks of sweet summertime left! Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, and since I spent the last two months wearing the same clothes from a limited capsule wardrobe, I’m going to bring out my summer stuff for as long as I can. (Plus, it’s still seventh-ring-of-Hades-hot in Florida — and you can see by my poofy just-washed hair that the summer humidity is still a thing — so it’s easy to delay the fall vibes for a little while longer.)

Dress: Old Navy // Jacket: Lucky Brand via TJ Maxx // Sandals: Nine West // Clutch: BAGGU 

I bought this Old Navy dress sometime around the end of spring, and it may be the most comfortable dress I own; I mean it’s basically a cotton mumu. Which is perfect for the day after a three-day weekend, because 1.) I ate a week’s worth of Weight Watchers points in two days, and 2.) If I must drag myself to work after a break, I may as well do it in something that feels like pajamas.

This print is no longer available, but you can snag it in denim for $35.

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  1. 9.7.16
    erikadvm said:

    Life here in SoCal is still kind of hot too so I plan on wearing my Summer dresses too! Or at least for the next 3 weeks:) And yours is so beautiful! The color is just right and I love how flowy it is <3 Keep wearing them girl, you look lovely in dresses!

  2. 9.7.16

    I’m with you on this, I’ll hold on to summer for as long as I can! You look really cute in that outfit Keira! :)

  3. 9.7.16
    CJ said:

    The dress looks good with or without jacket ,so cute !!

  4. 9.6.16
    Sheridan Johnson said:

    Very cute style and I def. Agree on eating a week’s worth of food in 3 days haha!

  5. 9.6.16

    I’m right there with you on pushing off all things Fall until Sept 22nd! I am all about these sunny days & end of Summer bucket lists (topping my list is making poptails!).