My New Filofax Original A5 in Patent Nude

Filofax The Original A5 Planner in Patent Nude

As much as I’d love to be the kind of modern woman who can organize her entire life in her iPhone, I just can’t do it. I like my organization old-school: a classic day planner is my lifeline to my schedule, to-do lists, notes, and overall sanity. If I don’t physically write things down, they’re good as forgotten, and I like having everything in one convenient and portable place (otherwise, I’ll just scratch notes on old receipts and drink napkins and lose them forever in the detritus at the bottom of my handbag).

After trying many planners over the years, I found that the best options for me are customizable binder systems with a variety of separately-purchased inserts. This way I can buy exactly what I need, skip the extras I don’t — lookin’ at you, address book pages — and create my own tabs to build an organization system that’s perfect for me.

I typically purchase planners between July and August — at 31 I still miss back-to-school shopping and this time of year always feels like a fresh start — and this year I invested in a leather Filofax A5 Personal Organizer in Patent Nude. Now my organization game feels all grown up and fancy.

leopard iPad sleeve via Hautelook

Filofax offers a range of binder sizes, from pocket-sized to portfolios. I went with the A5 because I have a lot of junk to keep track of; I wanted to have plenty of room for scheduling and writing, and also let it double as a bullet journal.

The quality leather binder is durable and the perfect size to carry around in a tote bag or backpack. I stash a few business cards in the credit card slot, keep a pretty Rifle Paper notebook in the pocket for all my wedding notes, and clip important things I don’t want to forget right to the front with a giant gold paperclip; i.e. bank deposits, bills that are due, and flower/supply lists.


I really like the Filofax Personal Lined Week On 2 Pages Diary Inserts: there’s plenty of room to schedule your days and jot down notes, and it’s really convenient to have the entire week at a glance. I use the Filofax To Do List sheets to manage tasks, and already bought an extra pack so I don’t run out. (There are few things I love in life as much as to-do lists.)


30 thoughts on “My New Filofax Original A5 in Patent Nude

  1. I was considering a Filofax in Nude but I ended up getting the Kate Spade Wellesley ( I think I may end up purchasing the Filofax sometime down the road),

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  2. Definitely makes me want to write my shopping lists on more than the crumpled receipts at the bottom of my bag. you’re an inspriation

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  3. This is amazing! I just moved to Paris and left my trusty diary at home, so was looking to get something new… and this looks amazing! the colour is so lush as well. I’ll have to see where it’s available in France! xo

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  4. UGH…. I am the same way! I have just recently started using my iPhone as my calendar but I sorely miss my planner! I need to write things down as well, but like you, I LOVE my planners! I am a stationery snob! I want to move IN to the Stationery place in Lakeland and just SHOP to my heart’s content!!! :-)

    This post made me realize even more how MUCH I need to get back to my beloved planner! Kate Spade…here I come!!

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    1. Gurrrrl, I could write a whole other post on stationery! (In fact, I should!)

      I haven’t been to Stationery Loft in Lakeland but I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. I need to pop in there. I wanted to go to one of their calligraphy classes, too!

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  5. I got into using Filofax a few years ago and love it! Although this year I’ve been trying the whole ‘Pretty planning” thing with stickers and haven’t used my Filofax as often. It didn’t really work for me and the stickers were too much money to keep up with, my planning habits went down the drain, and I went back to my Filofax, though my planning habits haven’t been what they were. I think it’s just my whole planning year has been off kilter with the change.

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    1. I’m so fascinated by the whole creative planning community! I’ve watched several YouTube videos about it, and found a few cool blogs about customizing your planner and letting it serve as a kind of scrapbook/journal. I was afraid that if I focused too much on the design stuff, I’d lose track of my original intention with the purchase, which is to just keep all my stuff organized, ha! I think that’s why I love the Filofax so much, it’s beautiful in its simplicity, and I really enjoy using it and carrying it around with me.


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