#OOTD: Back in Black

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WEARING:: m.marie tunic top (under $30) + AE jeggings + BAGGU canvas backpack + Lucky Brand perforated leather booties via TJ Maxx (under $50)

Hi, Internets, long time no see!

As per usual, the extended blog break was totally unintentional. One minute I was Cyber Monday shopping, then somehow Christmas came and went in a blink, and now we’re rolling into a new year this weekend. Um, what?!

The flower shop kept me super busy in December. We happily exceeded our goals for the holiday, knocked out a few weddings and events, and sold a lot of cute things from our gift collection that I loved curating this year. Now I’m in that weird post-holiday retail hangover: the adrenaline from the long crazy days is gone, my energy is sapped, and I have a to-do list a mile long that’s just going to have to wait until the first of the year. (I’m lookin’ at you, Quickbooks.)

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Speaking of things I neglected this month, let’s talk about this hair. I’m in the awkward shoulder-length phase; I can’t decide if I want to chop it off and keep the asymmetric lob for another year, or let it grow and add more beige-toned blonde highlights to disguise the new grays Santa brought me for Christmas. (He really shouldn’t have.)

I do miss big ol’ topknots — piled high and extra messy, please and thanks — so I’m leaning towards the latter. Anyone remember when my dark hair was almost down to my waist? Part of me wants to do that again. (The lazy part who loves easy high ponytails and twice-weekly hair washes.)

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Thanks for sticking around through the slowest slow blogging that ever slow blogged this year. I can’t believe 2017 will be my seventh year of sharing what I love and what I wear in this cozy little corner of the Internet, and I really can’t believe sweet people (like you!) keep reading it. I hope you all have fun [safely] bidding adieu to 2016 this weekend, and I’ll see y’all around here in the new year!

16 thoughts on “#OOTD: Back in Black

  1. Cute outfit! And I love the dark nails! Ahhh! I wish I could wash my hair only twice a week. But sadly I have to do every other day. Oh girl! I have a few strands near my face that are at my jaw and the rest is a little past shoulder length. Those strands near my face? A bad hair cut I got A YEAR & A HALF AGO from a lady who tried to give me bangs…bangs that were only an inch long!

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    1. Thanks! The nail polish is Essie’s Gel Couture in ‘Model Clicks’. I’m obsessed with that line of polishes lately!

      Bless your heart on the bangs situation. I’ve been there. I got a wild hair (no pun intended) to cut my own bangs one night with manicure scissors and it took FOREVER to grow them out. You’ll get there!! And bonus: you’ll never get that random ache for bangs EVER again, ha! ;)

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  2. Hey, loved this OOTD. I think the bag totally transformed the outfit, the splash of colour makes it so much more lively!
    I’ve just written a blog post on New Years Resolutions that I’d love you to check out if you have time
    Keep blogging
    CrowdedVlogger xx

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