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  1. 10.21.19
    Tray said:

    Awesome blog! I really enjoyed reading this. Keep it up and looking forward on your future posts!

  2. 1.18.17
    Conversations in Ubers said:

    I might finally make a jump to an expensive mascara. I got Marc Jacobs as a sample during my last trip to Sephora and I love it. It’s everything I prefer in a mascara. It’s a thick, rich coat that doesn’t dry, and pulls your lashes from root to tip. Very dramatic.

  3. 1.17.17

    I’m a fan of Shea Moisture and have sensitive skin, so I’ll definitely have to try out that Mud Mask :) That sweater would definitely come in handy for me about now lol.

  4. 1.15.17

    When you do a wardrobe challenge, do you buy pieces ahead of time? Or, do you already have them and set them aside?

    • 1.16.17

      Good question! When I do these kinds of wardrobe challenges I usually like to use things from my closet so I can get a fresh perspective on the pieces I already own. :)

  5. 1.15.17
    Amy said:

    So going to have to try the 10×10 out.

  6. 1.15.17

    It just so happens that I have fresh pumpkin puree in the fridge that I was planning on making gluten free pumpkin bread with. I think those pumpkin truffles are going to be a must!

    • 1.16.17

      Let me know what you think about them! I ended up baking chocolate chip cookies yesterday, so I’ll have to make them next weekend.