Why There’s Lip Balm In My Eyebrows

To File under: Weird Beauty Hacks The Internet Made Me Try.

Ya’ll know I love full feathery brows. I tweeze mine just enough to keep them from growing together/into my hairline/down to my eyelids (seriously, they’re wild) and lately I like them brushed straight up, à la Brook Shields in the ’80s. Last week, thebeautydepartment.com dropped the bomb that you can use lip balm instead of brow gel to set the hairs in place and train them to stand up; and when TBD tells you to try something, you just gotta do it.

I’ve used this clear brow gel for the better part of a decade; it’s a holy grail product for me that I always repurchase. It invisibly holds my brows in place until I wash it off and never flakes or looks crispy. So this lip balm business had big shoes to fill, but you guys, it totally works!

  1. The feathery brow trend is all about easy, unfussy definition and shape, so to start, I used a powder to lightly define my arches and fill in sparse spots. (I forgot how much I love this duo brow powder; I usually stick to my go-to pencil because it’s so quick and easy.)
  2. Then I scooped a little lip balm onto the back of my hand, swiped a spoolie brush through it, and brushed it into my brows. I pushed the front hairs straight up and over the arch line, and smoothed down the “tail”. It didn’t take any longer than my usual brow routine, and the I like the separation and subtle sheen the lip balm leaves in my brows.

Henne Organics kindly sent me their luxury set of lip scrub and balm to try last season, and the lip balm is perfect for this job. The beeswax in the formula helps hold the hairs in place, while the organic fruit and nut oils and shea butter condition and add a little shine. This drugstore beeswax lip balm would work well, too.

So, whether you’re new to the brow grooming game, want to pare down your morning makeup routine, or just love to try new beauty hacks, this one is a weird-but-true winner!

24 thoughts on “Why There’s Lip Balm In My Eyebrows

    1. Thanks, CJ! The great thing about this hack is you probably already have lip balm lying around somewhere. And if you need a spoolie brush, an old mascara wand washed with soap and water does the trick.


    1. I saw this going around the guru channels on YouTube last year! I was never brave enough to try it… I had visions of me getting caught in the rain and/or sweating soap down into my eyes. Ha!

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    1. Great question — and one I had myself before I tried it. I was really surprised/impressed with how well it worked! It didn’t feel sticky at all, and I worried that it may get kind of greasy throughout the day but it held perfectly all day long. I think the trick is using a beeswax formula lip balm, because the texture is really similar to the brow wax/pomade you find in some brow kits.

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