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In 2016, I noticed a big shift in my blog reading preferences: I became less interested in aspirational style blogs that post 15 photos of the same $$$ outfit, and instead found myself bookmarking lifestyle-focused sites by women who post casual snaps of their everyday outfits, review makeup and skin care products, share delicious recipes, and provide helpful tutorials. You know the blogs that feel like you’re getting honest advice and inspiration from a good friend? Those are my jam. They’re more inspirational for my lifestyle and budget, and remind me of the good ol’ days of personal style blogging, before the era of curated Instagram feeds, $700 over-the-knee boots (where are you wearing those on a Tuesday, gurrl?) and seemingly bottomless wardrobes.

Since I’m enjoying these “real-life” style blogs and I don’t have much time to take my own outfit photos these days, I started to snap quick photos of my outfits in our foyer mirror before I run out the door in the morning. I thought I’d round them up in a post now and then to share what I wear to work and play. Get ready to see how much I love a comfy uniform for days at the flower shop — easy top + cut-off skinnies + ballet flats — and get to know my favorite versatile pieces that I wear on repeat. (Lookin’ at you, $50 black hi-rise jeggings.)

LOFT utility blouse + AE hi-rise jeggings + old Hautelook sandals (try these) + ‘ohh la la’ canvas tote c/o my momma (this one’s cute!)
LOFT jeans + Lou & Gray cardi + Victoria’s Secret tank + TJ Maxx denim sandals
m.marie dress (try this) + Stan Smith sneakers
LOFT sateen leggings + Marshall’s asymmetric sweater (similar) + TJ Maxx denim sandals (try these)
Sparing you my shiny no-makeup-Saturday face (ha!) + Billabong shirt + AE hi-rise jeggings + Steve Madden sandals via TJ Maxx
m.marie sweater + LOFT sateen leggings + Cynthia Vincent flats via Hautelook (old, try these) + Cuyana small carryall in ‘sable’

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  1. 7.15.17
    Rosalinda Sorto said:

    love it and i love what you meant by the casual ootd snap. its easier and more honest!

  2. 7.14.17
    kateyhal said:

    Love these outfits!!

  3. 7.13.17

    You look so chic AND comfortable – the dream team! Love this post. <3

  4. 6.28.17

    Nice pics!

  5. 6.1.17

    Love this post! Especially the striped dress and the studded sandals!

    I’m trying to embrace accessible fashion on my blog too. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  6. 5.21.17

    Lovely post 💗 and lovely denim shirt 👌🏻
    Check out my new post on rose embroidered top –

    Hope you will like it
    Xoxo 😘

  7. 5.14.17

    I am so glad I found your blog!!! This post in particular is exactly what I have been telling people/feeling about some bloggers lately, and it is nice to read that someone else out there feels the same way!

    I like to feel I can relate to the blogger. This blog has definitely got me hooked ;-).
    Keep up the good work!

  8. 3.30.17
    Kate said:

    I love your simple style girl! Especially digging the Saturday outfit!

  9. 3.9.17

    I love the blue jeans and LOVE that everything here is affordable!

  10. 3.1.17
    OStruck said:

    Back of my mind I keep planning for a proper photo ops instead. I keep using my iPhone shot pictures before heading out to work. Thanks for this post 😁

  11. 2.28.17

    You have beautiful style! Would you consider doing a guest post on my blog? Its a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle website and I love your input!

    Thank you!

  12. 2.27.17
    CJ said:

    Great post ,love all the fashion and it looks so nice on you .
    Thanks for a great post that I always enjoy.

  13. 2.26.17
    mary said:

    thats why i love YOUR blog….its so real….

  14. 2.25.17

    All the heart eyes!!!!

  15. 2.23.17

    I am completely on the same page with this shift in the type of bloggers I like to follow. Mainly ones I can relate to- on a budget, simple lifestyle and real posts. The bigger and more “commercialized” a blogger becomes, the less I like to follow them.

  16. 2.23.17

    I love the realness and everything about this post. Love love love!! Thanks for the inspiration.
    xo, andrea

  17. 2.22.17

    I love the Billabong shirt combo. I’ve just stumbled onto your blog and I think I’ll stick around. I also love DIY and bookstores! Used ones especially. Let’s be friends lol. :)

    • 2.23.17

      That Billabong shirt is one of my favorites!

      Used bookstores are my jam!! You sound like my kinda girl. We should definitely be friends. :)

  18. 2.22.17
    Isabel said:

    I’ve read your blog for a few years now and one of the reasons why I still love it is because it feels fresh and honest, and at the same time polished. It’s an advantage that you have a career that isn’t centered around blogging or social media, and I feel like I relate more to you because of it. Hope that doesn’t come off as a dig at bloggers who do it for a living, it’s just a shift in preference. On another note, I love your Lou & Grey moto-style cardigan, I have a similar one and it’s been my most constant staple the last couple of months!

    • 2.23.17

      Thank you, Isabel! I agree with everything you said here. I really can’t imagine the pressure of blogging full time and trying to keep up with the latest trends. It starts to ring a little hollow after a while as a reader. Thank you for sticking around for so long! :)

  19. 2.21.17
    Vanessa.C said:

    Love the outfits, especially the gold sneakers. Where’d you get them from?

    • 2.23.17

      Thanks! They’re Stan Smith x Adidas, and they’re a few years old. I haven’t been able to find them since!

  20. 2.21.17

    You have amazing style, and I agree with you completely love these more realistic posts, with realistic style, $700 boots are great and all but not entirely feasible when you are on the run :P

    • 2.23.17

      Thank you!!

      I chuckle every time I think about myself walking into my small-town Starbucks in suede high-heeled over-the-knee boots with a giant designer bag. Or trying to work in them! Ha! I roll my eyes every time I read a blogger proclaiming that they’re a “Must Have Closet Basic!”

  21. 2.21.17
    Mags said:

    I love your style! The sweater is the cutest!

  22. 2.21.17
    catmccabe said:

    I love your post, it’s so natural and honest. Your style is really cute and relaxed! Looking forward to reading more x

  23. 2.21.17
    Kara said:

    Love that you aren’t wearing a new purchase in every post! Style for real girls yippee!!!
    Do you have problems with a funny odor to the black ae jeans? I love the fit (and price) of mine but they have a plasticy smell. 😕

    • 2.23.17

      Thanks, Kara! Real girls FTW! ;)

      You know, now that you mention it, I do remember my solid black AE skinnies having a bit of a smell… the ones I linked that I’m completely obsessed with (and repurchase a few times a year) are a washed black, so they’re a bit softer, fade better with wear, and don’t have any noticeable scent.

  24. 2.21.17

    So beautiful! Really love them all!! :)

  25. 2.21.17
    Suezanne Westman said:

    I like your thinking and love this idea:)

  26. 2.21.17

    Girl! You have amazing taste, I love those Stan Smith sneakers!!!! So gorgeous :)

  27. 2.21.17
    Joan said:

    Agree with all of that! I’ve started unfollowing blogs every time I’m like “I would never wear that, ever” on a regular basis. Can you share the blogs you follow so we can check them out too? 👍🏻

    • 2.23.17

      Thanks, Joan! I’ll work on a blogroll post soon!

  28. 2.21.17

    this was really good

  29. 2.21.17

    This is a beautiful way to do your outfits!!! Seriously loved this and those stud sandals are so cute.

  30. 2.21.17
    Emily said:

    I realized the same thing about the blogs I read as well. Sure those big money outfits are cute but that’s just not my life!

  31. 2.21.17
    Tabitha said:

    Yes yes yes! Those aspirational fashion blogs are just depressing and add to any bad habits of over shopping. Love more real life fashion blogs, such as yours. Would you list some of the real life bloggers you’re following these days?

    • 2.23.17

      Thank you, Tabitha! I’ve definitely felt the pressure to keep up, even as a hobby blogger. In the last year, I was just like, “enough.” I’ll work on a blogroll post soon!

  32. 2.21.17
    Elizabeth said:

    I 100% agree with your first paragraph, and I love that you’re still posting some REAL outfits!

  33. 2.21.17

    I love these post, I feel like very outfit is something I can wear and get inspiration from

  34. 2.21.17
    Shiza SU said:

    Hey Keira, you’ve an amazing Blog i couldn’t resist to Follow your blog💗 Here’s mine,

  35. 2.21.17

    Fab post hun! I’m so jealous that you get to wear sandals at this time of year!!!! X

    • 2.23.17

      I think Florida decided to take a pass on winter this year. Ha! I think I wore boots ONCE in 2016. Please send us some winter!! ;)

      • 2.23.17

        Only if you send us some summer!!!! We went to Florida in March last year and just want to move there it’s amazing!!!!! X

  36. 2.21.17
    marimarte said:

    I love, love this post! Thank you for your honesty. It’s so refreshing amongst all the perfectly curated style posts.

    • 2.23.17

      Thank YOU! I’m so happy it resonated with you. I’ll keep ’em coming. :)