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  1. Wow, we had really questionable shoe choices in the 90s, y’all. (I had almost all of them, or at least knock-off versions.)
  2. Benefit just released a cream-to-powder stick of one of my favorite bronzers and I want to get my paws on it.
  3. I LOVE this body-positive roundup of women sharing real “before-and-after” body shots on their Instagram.
  4. Speaking of bods, I finally found my perfect bra.
  5. For everyone who loved my gold Stan Smiths from my Style Files post, these gold and white Superstars are a cute alternative.
  6. These animals look like they’re about to drop the hottest albums of 2017.
  7. I recently discovered all of Mary Greenwell’s old YouTube makeup tutorials on YouTube. Mary is an iconic British makeup artist who famously worked with Princess Diana. She’s all about accentuating natural beauty with “real life” unfussy makeup, and I’m obsessed. Two great tricks I picked up from her: applying base and concealer with my hands only to warm up the product and really blend it into the skin, and using a small foundation brush instead of a big powder brush to lightly sweep setting powder onto tricky areas, like the under-eye and around the nose.
  8. OMG, Emma Watson, please be my life coach!
  9. This 7-year old and her mom take Disney dress-up to a whole new [amazing] level.
  10. Put down your phone: reducing your screen time may improve your health.
  11. I’d like a pair of these Chanel-inspired leather ballet flats that are under $100, please and thanks.
  12. The sandals in the photo are a few years old, but try these cute studded slides.
  13. While looking for a dupe for those sandals, I just found these taupe ankle-wrap Steve Maddens for $50 and ordered them.

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  1. 3.6.17

    I love no.7, It’s my rule when doing every day make up. Work with what you got for a natural look :)

  2. 2.28.17

    nice picture!

  3. 2.27.17

    Thanks for the Disney mom and daughter! I wasn’t expecting to like it so much but now I feel warm and fuzzy.

  4. 2.27.17

    Ok wow, that bra looks super fab! I’ve never heard of Soma Bras but I am totally looking into the. I love the 90’s shoes….my god what were our parents thinking let us where that shiat?! Hahha, so love hard core. Emma Watson is my soul mate I swear, she is amazing and humble, a true heart.

    Your posts are great my dear, please keep em coming!

    • 2.27.17

      Definitely check them out! You can usually catch a good bra sale, and if you sign up for their loyalty program you can get some great coupons and promotions.

      And I totally agree about Emma. More ladies like her, please! :)

  5. 2.26.17

    The 90s shoes really brought back memories lol and those steve madden shoes are so cute. I’m totally hear for the before and after photos, they were definitely needed :)

    • 2.27.17

      Oh man, I really needed to see those before-and-afters, too. I hope more women get on board with sharing the messy real stuff and get away from all this “curated perfection.” :)

  6. 2.26.17

    This list is perfection. Those 90’s shoes. I had repressed all of those memories. Lol. Also, I love Soma bras. They are incredible! This is a great post.

    • 2.27.17

      Girl, I’ve repressed most of my 90’s fashion choices. LOL

      I’m totally hooked on Soma now! I didn’t realize how much my other “Secret” bras weren’t doing me any favors until I found them. I signed up for their loyalty program, so I get great coupons, too!

  7. 2.26.17

    Omg thanks for the blast from the past with that 90’s Shoe post! I so remember those foam platform flip flops and the chunky soled sandals. :)

    • 2.27.17

      Isn’t it wonderful and awful all at once? I totally thought my platform flip flops were “dressy”! LOL