#OOTD: ASOS Farleigh Jeans

Meet the mom-est jeans I’ve ever purchased: the ASOS ‘Farleigh’ high waist slim mom jeans.  They’re ridiculously high-waisted; like, I may have crossed a line here with my hi-rise obsession. (I definitely crossed my belly button.)

The Farleighs have been on my radar for a while. I first spotted them on Sydney sometime last year and loved the fit, but we have very different body types — she would look amazing in a potato sack — so I admired them but held off. Then Olivia sang their praises in her ‘Wardrobe Most Worn‘ video, and I started to give them some serious consideration.

Before I pulled the trigger on a purchase, I did a little Googling to find photos of real-life women (i.e., not models) wearing the jeans. I love this trick when I shop for denim online: I search the brand and style, cruise through images for shots from style blogs or Pinterest to see how they fit different shapes and sizes, and try to find women with figures similar to mine to get an idea of how they may work on me.

When they arrived, I pulled them out of the package and actually LOLed: the crotch was insanely long; when I held them up to my body with the hems touching the floor, it looked like the waist would cozy up right under my boobs. Major Steve Urkel vibes. Tbh, I was a little terrified…

But when I pulled them on, I kinda loved them! They sit just above my waist, and the fit is super comfortable with room through the legs and ankles. They’re true-to-size and hold their shape, and most important, they look good from the back. (No diaper butts here!)

On the first day I wore them, a cute young cashier at TJMaxx asked where I bought them and told me she loved them. Score one for the Farleighs! (I’m officially at an age where I’m deeply appreciative of unsolicited praise from cooler-than-me, stylish teenagers.) But when I got home, my husband gave them major side-eye. Ha! Can’t win ’em all.

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At about $50/ pair with free shipping and returns from ASOS, I’m tempted to order another one; maybe with a little distressing. Full disclosure: I’m not messing around when I say these babies are high; they’re the highest rise jeans I’ve ever worn, and if you’re not into your pants hovering around your navel, these definitely aren’t for you. But if you’re into 90s-inspired denim and you don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a designer pair to try the trend, give them a shot!

Also wearing ::  LOFT vintage soft pocket tee // Quay ‘Cherry Bomb’ sunglasses // Calvin Klein backpack // Jack Rogers sandals (SIMILAR)

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  1. 4.14.20

    AMAZING lattes and scones. Nice relaxing atmosphere – perfect
    place to get a little work done when you need peace
    and quiet We will be back!

  2. 11.10.17
    Tina Eaton said:

    These look AMAZING on you! I’m doing the same thing right now—researching how they look on “real” body types similar to mine. That’s it, I’m sold!

  3. 7.1.17

    Look amazing dear ✔️💙

  4. 6.26.17

    Just read another blog that praised these, I may have to get myself into a pair. Oh & right there with you about unsolicited praise from teens. I’m probably way too flattered when my daughter’s friends compliment me.

  5. 6.24.17
    Melissa said:

    They look great on you. Love the entire outfit.

  6. 6.24.17

    Lovely outfit! Simple and classy, looks gorgeous on you love! x

  7. 6.23.17

    I recently tried shopping from ASOS when searching for a new bikini top, as they have an enormous collection and great deals, but I was disappointed with how “off” their sizing was. I ordered a bikini top in US size 4, and it fit like an XS. I was hoping for a medium, and I would have understood if they considered a size 4 a small but they couldn’t even give me that! It looked like it would have fit a flat chested 11 year old 😒

    • 6.23.17

      That’s so frustrating!! I’ve read quite a few reviews about their inconsistent sizing; I think it’s because they carry such a wide range of brands and vanity sizing makes everything so confusing these days.

  8. 6.23.17

    These look gorgeous on you!! I have heard so much about these jeans too, I need to try a pair out xxx

  9. 6.23.17
    Lora said:

    I’m so addicted to the high rise these days, just so comfortable. These jeans look fabulous on you! …And I gotta tell you, when you pose with your leg in front like that, it makes you look 6ft tall. Tyra Banks would be so proud!

    • 6.23.17

      Gahh! Thank you! This comment made my day. Now if I could just perfect my ‘smize’ without looking like I smell something funny. LOL

      Do you have a favorite hi-rise jean brand/style? I’m so down for recommendations.

  10. 6.23.17

    I’m always looking for the perfect pair of jeans! Definitely trying these out, thanks!
    Xx Penny

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    • 6.23.17

      You can’t beat free shipping and returns, so they’re definitely worth a try. Let me know if you give them a shot!

  11. 6.23.17

    These jeans look so good on you! I’d never thought about googling for images of clothes I want to buy to see what they look like on real women, that’s such a good idea – great post :)
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

    • 6.23.17

      Thank you, Viola! It’s such a helpful trick, and thank goodness we live in a time of Pinterest and style blogs for all the great photo reference. :)

  12. 6.22.17

    You better werkkk them mom jeans gurl <3

  13. 6.22.17

    Your belly button drowned girl. I’m also a lover of the high-rise, especially those from the 70s. Oh, so good. I think these especially work for you because of your long legs. At 5 foot, those jeans would either eat m or stuff me in its mom pouch.

    • 6.22.17

      Here’s the crazy thing: I’m only 5’4!! It’s such a great illusion. That’s why I *lurve* a high waist!!

      They have a petite size as well. :)

      • 6.22.17

        Ohhhh, very interesting. Yeah, your legs look like they go on forever in these.

  14. 6.22.17

    They look amazing on you! I’ve already clicked the link to try and purchase xx

  15. 6.22.17
    Carolina said: