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Vince Camuto Ulla Striped Tote Bag, Summer Accessories, Poolside, Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes

Kicking off a new [hopefully weekly] Friday series, inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Five Things, to share a handful of things that brightened my week: products I enjoyed, people/things that inspired me, favorite shots from my iPhone, books I’m reading, etc.

I’m thinking of this series as a fun blog bullet journal to keep track of my highlights from each week. Plus, it never hurts to take a beat to be mindful of the simple things that bring you joy and make your week a little brighter, right?

I snagged this Vince Camuto striped tote bag at TJMaxx last Friday for a weekend staycation at the Ritz with C. I planned to use it through the summer as a weekend carryall for the pool or errands, but when we got home on Sunday, I threw the entire contents of my purse into it; I’ve been carrying it all week.

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We planted this crepe myrtle tree in front of our home when we moved in 11 summers ago (!!) and she’s putting on such a lovely show this year. Crepe myrtles were one of my grandmother’s favorites, so I like to think of this as her memorial tree, and it makes my heart so happy when she blooms.

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This rane made original upcycled top is such a special piece in my closet right now. I bought it at the first Maker’s Market at Haus 820 and I love how super-soft and billowy it is. (You can see it in action in the breeze here.)


This one’s from my Instagram stories. I dug out my Essie nail polish collection (it’s a hoard, thb) for an upcoming DIY workshop at the shop, and found this old favorite. It’s been a while since I sported a bold mani — I’m basically living in this classic nude — but I’m loving the bright pop of color for summertime.

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We have a new bakery downtown, Sugar & Slice, that’s becoming a regular pit-stop for us when we need an afternoon sugar rush at the flower shop. My designer made a cupcake run yesterday, and brought me this white chocolate-covered marshmallow unicorn. Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

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  1. Carolina wrote:

    I Love your top ! Your flowers are beautiful .

    Posted 6.27.17 Reply
  2. Such a great idea!! Loving that tote.

    Posted 6.26.17 Reply
  3. kgsingh96 wrote:

    Love your blog especially your photos and style ! I was wondering if you could check out my new blog I’m looking for people to contribute!

    Posted 6.26.17 Reply
  4. I’m dying to know if the unicorn cupcake is all rainbow inside too! Haha.
    Xx Penny

    Latest post: Everything 5 Pounds – £1.99 Summer Sale

    Posted 6.24.17 Reply
  5. I love your black t-shirt ! 😘

    Posted 6.24.17 Reply
  6. That bag is super cute! And I’ve been looking for a summery blue nail polish that isn’t too… juvenile? Is that the word I’m thinking of? Anyway, THAT’S a sophisticated blue.

    Posted 6.24.17 Reply
    • I’m with you on the blue polish!! I had a shade like this in mind to find for the summer, so I was so pumped to rediscover it in my neglected stash!

      I also love Bikini So Teeny for a grown-up lighter blue for the season. :)

      Posted 6.24.17 Reply
  7. That unicorn cupcake is too cute to eat!!

    Posted 6.23.17 Reply
    • I know!! I haven’t taken a bite of her yet! 😂

      Posted 6.23.17 Reply
  8. What a nice way to remember the week’s highlights!


    Posted 6.23.17 Reply
  9. Such a cute idea i love this <3

    Posted 6.23.17 Reply
  10. I love Friday Five posts & am excited to read your weekly highlights. I do something similar and I always love looking back at these posts just to see the little things that were happening in my world or catching my eye.

    Posted 6.23.17 Reply


  • The only thing that would’ve made this @bonappetitmag ‘white pesto pasta’ better is if @lallimusic was in my kitchen when I made it. (I re-watched her video as I prepped, which was the next best thing.) Guys, I cannot overstate the seriousness of my obsession with the @bonappetitmag YouTube channel. Most of my bookmarks on my phone are videos of recipes I want to try, and I’m slowly making my way through ‘em; kind of like ‘Julie & Julia’ but with fewer live lobsters and a little less butter. 
#pastagram #bonappetit #carbcoma
  • Spotted this pretty blooming bush on our evening walk through the neighborhood. 
Doak got a little *too* close to the smell the flowers. 🤣
  • In today’s edition of #sundaybaking, I took on @bonappetitmag’s ‘best chocolate chip cookies’. I watched the video first — if you’re not following the @bonappetitmag YouTube channel, get on it! — then used the recipe from BA’s website to guide me through it. 
Crispy edges + a chewy center + brown butter + giant chunks of 70% dark chocolate = a pretty perfect cookie. 🍪
@moroccochris - I salute you. 
#chocolatechipcookies #bonappetit
  • Clearance vase jackpot at @pier1 this weekend. There are so many great colors and textures in all shapes and sizes from $10-30 with an extra 25% off. ⁣
This was the ultimate test of self-control for me...⁣
I bought 5.
  • Saturday errand style f/ two #styleonabudget favorites from last summer that are still going strong: this gingham ruffle cami I found on a clearance rack at @target + a rattan circle bag I bought for around $25 on @amazon. 
I’m killing the cost-per-wear game with these two. 😏 #whatiwore #ootd #summerstyle #stylefiles
  • 🍑