Friday’s Five

I’d like to petition to make every weekend a 4-day weekend!

We closed the shop for the holiday, and I spent four glorious days lounging around the house in yoga pants, reading a little, binge-watching Netflix and Hulu a lot — currently loving Jane the Virgin and The Mindy Project — and only leaving the neighborhood to pick up burritos.

I didn’t realize how much I needed the mental break. I’ve been a stress case for the last several months, and checking out of the world for a few days gave my over-cooked brain a quiet, healing rest.

Now, onto this [short] week’s five things!


#1 :: Over the years, I’ve learned when my anxiety comes and stays for a while, it’s usually a sign that I’m not taking care of myself. I know mental health and physical health work hand-in-hand, but I’m often guilty of neglecting the latter. During the break, I committed to walking with Doak for at least 30 minutes every morning (which is basically speed-walking to keep up with those long legs) and my head already feels much lighter and clearer after just one week of extra sunshine and exercise.

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#2 :: I love Farmhouse Fresh, an all-natural, epicurean bath and body spa line with yummy-smelling — and effective! — scrubs, masks, body oils, rich lotions and treatments. Two Wednesdays ago, I woke up in a jittery funk that stuck to me all day, so when I finished up at the shop I popped into Spectrum Studio and treated myself to a few new FHF goodies. A hot bath with the Fluffy Bunny body wash and honey lavender scrub fixed me right up.

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#3 :: We’re kicking off a monthly creative workshop series at the shop, and last night we had our first class water marbling flower pots with nail polish. It was so much fun, and now I want to dip everything in my house that’s not nailed down into my old Essie polishes.

Check out Gina Michele’s post for easy instructions, and if you’re local, follow my flower shop on Facebook for information on upcoming workshops!

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#4 :: I have a new obsession with pink and an old obsession with day planners, so when our new 18-month Rifle Paper agendas arrived at the shop, I grabbed this unsold 2017 pink hardcover for myself.

Can you ever really have too many planners? (Please don’t answer that.)

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.30.25 AM

# 5 :: And speaking of things I can’t get enough of, @bookwormstatus combines all my favorite things in her Instagram: books, fashion, and pretty pictures. I enjoy her book reviews, and love her mission of “making reading cool, one book at a time.” If you’re a fellow bookworm, give her a follow!

Happy weekend!

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  1. 7.12.17
    Julie said:

    What an awesome idea at the flower shop. You are so creative!

  2. 7.7.17

    The flower pot marbling is so cool! I need to try that!

  3. 7.7.17

    Perfect !! Happy weekend babe <3
    Kisses from Greece

  4. 7.7.17

    Great post. I love the marbled flower pots! I can see why you would want to dip everything. It looks addictive!

  5. 7.7.17

    Girl, this post was so so good. So here are my comments in rambling form :: walks are so so good for the soul..when I get too inside of my head I set off on foot too / your marbling class looked so fun, definitely checking out the DIY / I’ve never heard of FHF, but am currently browsing on amazon (so, thanks..) & definitely following that bookworm IG! Happy Fri-YAY!