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Accent Decor Celfie Vase Floral Design
Doesn’t this lady look ready for the weekend? I love designing in these ‘celfie’ vases!! It’s like playing dress up with flowers.

I think my brain short-fused when I turned the flower shop calendar over last week… I stared blankly at the new month’s page for a good 20 seconds before I could accept that it is, in fact, August. I saw a meme on Instagram that said, “June and July lasted 4 seconds,” and it gave me some comfort; maybe I’m not the only one who feels like we just celebrated the new year, yet somehow we’re halfway through the summer.

I always make big plans at the start of the season, filled with barbecues, DIY home projects and weekend beach trips, but in reality, the last two months were a blur of work, humidity, brutal summer allergies, and heat-induced lethargy that resulted in a lot of Netflix and Chill In The AC.

Fortunately, we still have plenty of the season ahead of us — don’t even talk to me about pumpkin spice anything until October — so I have some time for a summer redemption.

Maybe I’ll drag myself down to the community pool for 5 minutes this weekend. ;)

Now onto this week’s highlight reel! (Truth: some of these are from last week, too; I started this post last Friday and then forgot to finish it. #summerbrain)

Pink Rosette Cake, Sugar and Slice Bakery Winter Haven, FL
The sweetest pink rose cake for our wedding coordinator’s birthday from our new neighbor, Sugar & Slice Bakery. We have two great bakeries within walking distance from the flower shop now and it’s all kinds of dangerous.
LOFT Denim Button Front Skirt, Women's Fashion
I can finally check a button-front denim skirt off my closet wishlist! I found this one at LOFT two weeks ago for $22 on the clearance rack. It’s out of stock now, but I love the fall version, too.
White Fur Book Review
I finished Jardine Libaire’s ‘White Fur’ last week. It’s a Romeo and Juliet-style story about a pair of different-sides-of-the-track lovers, Jamey and Elise, and their relationship in 1980’s New York. I really wanted to love it — I’m always down for a dark and gritty drama — but although it had a strong start, the story fizzled and stalled through the middle. While it was interesting to peek behind the curtain into the lives of the mega-rich, and parts of Elise’s story of an impoverished and drug-addled childhood broke my heart, the majority of this book felt like cheap erotica without much substance. With that said, it has a lot of great reviews on Goodreads, so I may be in the minority on this one.
Back to School, Donut Erasers, Cute School Supplies
Am I going back to school? No. Can I resist a back-to-school sale at the office supply store? Also no. I resisted these [impossibly cute] donut erasers — in a mini mason jar, are you kidding me?! — but I did treat myself to a few cute composition notebooks for my stationery hoard and three $5 boxes of felt-tip pens. (I am weirdly particular/obsessive about pens.) If still loving school supplies at 32 is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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  1. 8.20.17

    Went back to school shopping with my daughter & had to constantly remind myself I in fact did not need elephant shaped paperclips.

  2. 8.14.17
    bravojoy said:

    i so love back to school supplies!! & i also have a stationary stash… i guess i should write more letters! ;) love your post! can’t wait to read more!

  3. 8.12.17

    Beautiful post

  4. 8.12.17

    WHERE DID SUMMER GO?! I’m on the same train as you

  5. 8.11.17

    LOVE that button front skirt!

  6. 8.11.17

    I also love me some school supplies..every day..all year.. The TJ MAXX & Marshalls selection gets me everytime. Wal-Mart had some awesome composition notebooks recently too.

  7. 8.11.17
    Carolina said:

    Some days its almost like you feel fall in the air !
    Still love your blog Keira!

  8. 8.11.17

    You aren’t the only one who loves a back to school sale. I go in for my kids but the beautiful stationery and smooth gliding pens just call to me. I’m a writer but I love to hand write things. Good pens (and pretty ones) are life! The macaroon erasers are adorable. Flower shop and bakeries, a match made in heaven.

    • 8.11.17

      I love to hand write things, too! There’s just nothing better than giving/receiving snail mail. ☺️

      • 8.11.17

        I’ve just got to make my next dinner party invite by mail. I’ve got so much pretty paper here and I need to use it more. Have a great day darling.