Quick Tip: A Hoola Hack

Benefit Hoola Bronzer On Light Skin
Lightly applied with a soft fluffy brush over the tops of my cheekbones, hairline, and tip of my nose, Hoola is the next best thing to a natural tan.

I’m filing this one under “Possibly Useless Posts” because it seems kind of silly to share, but you just never know when a simple beauty hack could be your Oprah “ah-ha!” moment. So here we go!

Benefit Hoola is one of my favorite everyday bronzers, and one of my top picks for light complexions. It’s a universally-flattering shade — not to orange, not too gray — that looks like a natural tan when you lightly sweep it onto the high points of your face.*

My only gripe: I don’t like the packaging.

Like all Benefit face powders, Hoola is housed in a square pan in the bottom of a little cardboard box with an attached lid. While it’s cute and unique to the brand, it’s not ideal for the big ol’ fluffy brushes I prefer to use for bronzing.

I can’t even fit a large powder brush inside the box, much less swirl it around to evenly distribute the product onto the brush for an even application.

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So I ‘modified’ it.

I ripped through the corners of the box, so I can fold the sides down flat and get my brush right in the pan. Then when I’m done, I put the sides back up, close the lid, and toss it back in my makeup drawer.

Much better.

* Check out this helpful guide if you’re new to bronzers and aren’t sure how/where to apply them. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to leave home without a little extra glow.

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  1. 8.20.17

    This is actually genius 😂

  2. 8.17.17
    Trix said:

    I agree, whilst the packaging is cute, it isn’t the most robust or hard wearing. Have you heard of Z Palettes? I have depotted a lot of my MAC single eyeshadows, NARS blusters (I hate the rubberised coating on them – it perishes over time and makes them really sticky and/or slimy) and all my powder Benefit products into them. The latter are very easy to depot given that they are housed in cardboard packaging. What I love about using Z Palettes and the like is that I can fit a large bags worth of cosmetics in one relatively small, convenient palette which also makes it easier to locate mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss.

  3. 8.17.17

    Might have to try this! thanks <3

  4. 8.16.17
    Carolina said:

    I know that I tell you on every Blog that I learn so much from you !
    I like style ,beauty so I guess one more time I must say Love Your
    Blog!! Blessings to You and Yours! CJ