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Over on Manrepeller, 24 women reflected on how life changes with age. Good news: a lot of the little things we nitpick and obsess over won’t even phase us down the road.

Hot baths with lots of epsom salt are my favorite way to de-stress and unwind after a long day, and adding in this all-natural rose bubble bath for sensitive skin from the drugstore is my new jam.

Which iconic movie heroine are you, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type? (According to this article, I’m Jane Eyre; which reminds me that I’d really like to re-read the book.)

I texted my husband a link to this Cuyana structured leather tote with a not-so-subtle, hint that I really, really, really want it for my birthday. (Or tomorrow.)

I forgot all about these easy pumpkin flax chocolate chip muffins! When I stumbled upon the recipe in my blog archives last week, I had to whip up a batch for the weekend. So good. I’m eating one (or three) right now as I type out this post.

I really enjoy Alannah’s beauty channel on YouTube, and her latest ‘No Makeup Makeup‘ tutorial is my favorite kind of unfussy daily routine.

I just rediscovered this iconic tinted moisturizer, and I’m back in love with it for natural-looking everyday coverage with SPF protection.

As a social introvert, I really relate to the little plum‘s post about why it’s important to make time for yourself, and appreciate her reminder that it’s totally okay to make plans to do absolutely nothing when you need a battery charge.

I just restocked my favorite Kate Somerville daily moisturizer, and scored a $63 free gift with my purchase on with the code ALLGLOW.  The promo includes a travel-Size ExfoliKate® and ExfoliKate® Cleanser, plus a deluxe sample of the new ExfoliKate® GLOW Moisturizer, and the offer is valid through 8/31/17. You can’t beat a good freebie!

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  1. 8.30.17

    First, those roses are so beautiful! Ruffles are the best, but ruffles on roses, AH!
    Also an introvert and if I’ve had a few too many plans (even though they are enjoyable), I schedule a weekend of solitude. I usually just stay home, binge watch something, bake cookies, cook comfort food, and get lots of sleep. When Monday morning rolls around I feel so good.

  2. 8.28.17

    I’ve been thinking about trying that rose body wash, but wanted to know if anyone else liked it. I’ll have to pick it up next time i’m at TJMaxx :) I got ENFP a.k.a Maria Von Trapp, which is fitting because Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies lol.

  3. 8.28.17
    Anonymous said:

    OMG!! I’m Elle Woods!!! (Per the Meyers Briggs evaluation). I loves me some Elle. She’s all about the pink!!