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I love reading about other female business owners’ work processes and words of wisdom. Wit & Delight started a new ‘Attagirl‘ series and kicked it off with how artist Kate Worum gets sh*t done; I’m so into it.

Reese Witherspoon rose to the top spot on my list of inspirational female entrepreneurs last year. Read about what she’s up to and how she’s changing the game for women in film and television; and if you’re a fellow bookworm, follow her book club on Instagram.

I’m still a morning-person-in-progress, but these 9 routines for a productive start to the day feel doable!

In a career rut? Here are 5 stories that prove it’s never too late to make a big change.

Use your everyday passwords as an opportunity to type out daily positive affirmations!

On dressing the part: the perfect girl-boss leather tote that’s been on my wish list for over a year is back in stock after a holiday sell-out.

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  1. 1.29.18
    Amberlee said:

    I love the “morning person in progress” comment. haha! Same here. Great post!