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chambray denim romper, spring style, peony floral wrap
A chambray romper is one of my favorite no-brainer warm weather outfits. This one is from last year, but I love this similar style with a cute floral print from Anthropologie.

We’re gearing up for Mother’s Day at the flower shop — it’s next Sunday, put it in your calendar! — so this week has been all about planning our design schedule, cleaning and organizing the shop, and starting the prep work for our biggest sales week of the year. I stocked the shop with lots of adorable containers for fresh bouquets and succulent gardens (I want to keep ’em all) and this holiday collection is my favorite yet, so we’re ready to tackle the week and help celebrate lots of sweet mamas in our community.

It’s the craziest week, but it’s also my favorite: the shop is filled with spring blooms, there are lots of people in and out of the shop, and moms are always so kind and grateful when we show up at their doorsteps with fresh bouquets. If you’re ever having a rough day, let me put you in our delivery van and send you around town to hand-deliver flowers; it’s an instant spirit-lifter.

If you have any interest in DIY floral arranging, I highly recommend the book Handpicked: Simple, Sustainable, and Seasonal Flower Arrangements. It’s like a cookbook for floral design, with flower recipes, tips and helpful instructions. Just promise you’ll #shoplocal and buy your loose fresh flowers from your neighborhood florist. ;) (Seriously though, skip the supermarket and support a small business instead!)

I’ll spend this weekend at the shop, getting a jump start on our orders for the first part of the week so we’re ahead of the game when the rush starts. I welcome any and all audiobook/podcast recommendations, because I’ll need something to keep me company while I work.

(I’m currently loving the podcast Bitch Sesh; I binged all the archives and snort-laughed the whole way through over the last several weeks. If you’re a fellow Bravo/Real Housewives fan, get in on this action!)

Flower shop window display
I’m having so much fun with our storefront windows this year! The latest display is all about fun pops of color and plenty of low-maintenance potted plants, two of my favorite things for our space. If that pom-pom pillow doesn’t sell, you know it’s coming home to live with me. 
Free People
Two new(ish) additions to my closet with a vintage/throwback vibe: these cutout leather mules and classic 501s. (And a Doodle paw photo bomb, which is really the best part of this photo.)
spiral eucalyptus, florist, flower shop
The biggest bunch of fresh eucalyptus we’ve ever seen! OMG it smelled amazing.

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  1. 5.10.18

    Ahhhhh I love the scent of fresh eucalyptus! It’s interesting to me that Mother’s Day is a bigger floral holiday than Valentine’s Day, but I’m glad it is! Moms deserve all the flowers :)

  2. 5.10.18

    Those shoe you picked up are super cute.

  3. 5.7.18

    Just wrote down that book and plan to utilize it! Thanks for the tip!

    As for podcast recommendations it looks like I am little late on recommending podcasts, but for your next all nighter or all weekender I do have one that I am currently obsessed with- My Favorite Murder. The name sounds horrifying, but it is so good. It’s true crime meets comedy. The hosts are 2 friends that are obsessed with true crime and go over their favorite murder each episode. It’s so good because they have such zero filter and really call things like they see it. Warning- very explicative language.

    Good luck this week! And your window display looks adorable!

  4. 5.4.18

    Your Friday Five posts are always full of prettiness! That’s neat that Mother’s Day week is the busiest – naturally I would assume Valentine’s. I especially loved the part about deliveries being a spirit-lifter, wish I could come volunteer to deliver – sounds fun! I’ve been loving the SuperSoul Sunday podcast by Oprah.