Currently Loving: Basket Bags

This big basket bag is available in our gift boutique at Lasater Flowers!

One of my favorite style bloggers, Emma Hill, named basket bags as one of her spring wardrobe staples and I’m on board. Straw bags aren’t just for the beach or farmers markets this season; toss all the contents of your handbag into one and use it as a casual everyday carry-all!

A customer popped into the flower shop recently carrying her own straw bag as a handbag, and when I told her how much I loved the style, she said she received more compliments on that simple bag than any other handbag in her collection. She laughed when she mentioned that her husband hates when she carries it; he buys her designer leather bags but she’s bopping around town with a straw tote she bought at a beach gift shop. Ha!

I bought my first straw bag at a big plant show years ago. I enjoyed using it so much I started stocking a variety of handmade Moroccan woven basket bags and totes in our gift boutique at the flower shop, and we sell out of them almost as quickly as they hit the shelves.

The basket bag I’m carrying in these photos is too big for me to carry as a handbag — not that I don’t lurve a giant purse — but there are so many¬†great options on the market for your everyday style in all shapes and sizes. I rounded up some of my favorites for you below, from clutches to carry-alls. Just click the images to shop!

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  1. 6.3.18

    Oh my gosh, these photos are so cute!

    xo Logan

  2. 5.25.18

    I’m obsessed as well!

  3. 5.24.18

    Some of these are so cute! I really love the little pink one from Clare Vivier x