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  1. 7.5.18
    Nicole said:

    What a pretty soft pink!

  2. 6.21.18

    I wear this color every single day!

  3. 6.5.18
    Carolina Jenkins said:

    Keira still learning and enjoying your post!

  4. 6.5.18
    lotusgurl said:

    Gorgeous! Picking some up! xoxo

    • 6.5.18

      Yay! I grabbed mine at Walgreens when I went to pick up toilet paper or something. (Why can’t I ever make it out of the drugstore without a bottle of nail polish or a random lip product?! Ha!)

      • 6.5.18
        lotusgurl said:

        The struggle is real. I just got home, and my bf was like, MORE NAIL POLISH???

  5. 6.5.18

    Beautifull color love it!x