The $18 Sandals I’m Living In

Forever 21 Strappy Sandals, Summer Style, Budget Style
Strappy Toe Ring Sandals

I had a free Sunday two weeks ago while C spent the day on the golf course, so on a whim, I drove to Orlando to do a little shopping. Armed with a list of skin care that needed restocking (more on that soon) I headed to Millenia, home of the best Sephora. While I was there, I popped into Forever21 for the first time in probably a decade, and y’all, I wanted a LOT of stuff. Their summer collection in shades of earthy neutrals with 90s-inspired button down mini dresses, flowy linens, and boxy tops drew me in like a moth to a flame.

Am I too old to shop there? Probably.
Did it stop me? Nope.
Does the store still give me sensory overload and a sense of anxious overwhelm? Definitely.

I picked up these strappy toe ring sandals for $18 and I’ve basically lived in them for the last two weeks. They’re super comfortable and have a minimally-chic summer vibe similar to my beloved TKEES ‘Foundation’ flip flops. I may order an extra pair online to get me through summer; we know I love good a wardrobe staple back-up, and at this rate, I may wear them out by the end of July.

I also bought a $23 chambray striped mini dress that I’ve already worn three times.

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  1. 9.21.18

    Yesss – so good!

  2. 6.30.18
    Horton said:

    What size are you normally? I went in to forever 21 today to get a pair and they didn’t have them :( I want to order them online and make sureI get the right size!

    • 6.30.18

      I’m usually a 7.5 but they only had an 8 in the store, and they fit perfectly! So if you need to size up a bit you should be fine.

  3. 6.25.18

    These are so cute! xx, Britta & Carli from

  4. 6.25.18
    Carolina Jenkins said:

    love the toe ring sandals!

  5. 6.25.18
    Carolina Jenkins said:

    Love your toe ring sandals !

  6. 6.25.18

    Nothing wrong with a back up pair. I’ve sometimes wished I did that. Cute!

  7. 6.25.18
    Shania said:

    So cute! Love them.