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Florist in gingham camisole holding a large bundle of fresh flowers including roses, hydrangea, fresh eucalyptus, dusty miller, stock flower and blue thistle.
Find a similar ruffled gingham camisole here.

• I’m seeing straw circle crossbody bags all over Pinterest. They’re a trendy seasonal piece, and since I’m late to the game and summer’s winding down, I ordered one with good reviews for $25 on Amazon. I think it will be perfect little purse for our beach trip next month!

• Speaking of beach trip shopping, Kendi made me buy this $19 dress on Amazon (I ordered in in khaki green).

• If you’re feeling crafty and have an unused basket lying around, Paper & Stitch can help you turn it into a cute summer basket bag.

• Anna shared her top tips for staying productive when you work for yourself.

• I have a skin care empties post coming up next week, and I’m on my 4th or 5th bottle of this antioxidant vitamin C serum. If they ever discontinue it, I don’t know what I’ll do.

This old classroom transformed into a creative work studio is a dreamy workspace. I love the concept of giving old, unused buildings a new life; especially when they’re used as creative co-working spaces.

• Emma rounded up 5 sunglasses trends for the season, and I want every pair.

• Before the summer sneaks by, I need to make these thyme, honey, peach and goat cheese crostini!

• I popped into Target for laundry detergent — currently loving the Mrs. Meyers basil scent — and, as per usual, wandered into the shoe department. I couldn’t resist these cheetah espadrille mules for $25.

• My childhood friend, Amy, launched a new wellness blog with her sister, Callie, called Greater Garden Good this week. Check them out!

• Another friend, Melissa, recently started a style Instagram @missflstyle. We share an obsession with skin care and makeup, so I’m loving her updates.

• I have a few over-ripe bananas on my kitchen counter that are going straight into this peanut butter and chocolate chip banana bread recipe when I get home!

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  1. 7.28.18
    Silex in the City said:

    Enjoyed this post! I am curious about that crostini. Kendi made me buy that dress too, but it didn’t quite work for my body/height. Did you love?!

    • 7.28.18
      Silex in the City said:

      Scratch that on the dress. It was a different one she made me order. She’s got so many amazon dress recommendations lately – mine was a maxi. :)

  2. 7.27.18

    What do you think of the new dress you ordered? I looked at several of the styles, and they are CUTE!! And priced perfectly for me. Also, reading the productivity list because I’m failing in that department lately. I routinely wake up at 3:00AM and gasp for air. Working for myself is the biggest challenge of my life – it’s wonderful, but terrifying all at once. And the BASIL Mrs. Meyers is LIFE!! XO!

    • 7.27.18

      Unfortunately, it wasn’t Prime, so I won’t get it for a couple weeks. I’ll be sure to report back!

  3. 7.25.18
    Erin said:

    Love that list of how to stay productive when you work for yourself! The struggle has been real lately.

    • 7.27.18

      YouTube is my downfall. I think, “I’ll take a break and just watch one video…” *three hours later* “$#@!”

  4. 7.25.18
    Horton said:

    I’ve seen that dress all over Pinterest! Is it good quality??

    • 7.25.18

      I just ordered it today, so I’ll report back! I’m hoping it’s not see-through (but if it is, I’ll use it as a swimsuit coverup). It has good reviews on Amazon, so fingers crossed!!