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The Best Clean Lipstick At The Drugstore : Burts Bees Lipstick in #501 Blush Basin, #500 Nile Nude, #523 Sunset Cruise
The best clean lipstick at the drugstore! Shop the Shades (from left to right) :: #501 Blush Basin, #500 Nile Nude, #523 Sunset Cruise

• If you haven’t read The New York Times’ piece on Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop, set aside a few quiet moments and dive in; it’s a wild, weird, wonderful ride.

• I’m completely hopeless with DIY blowouts, so do I need this one-step blow dryer and volumizing styler? This video makes me think I do.

• I recently fell into a rabbit hole of culinary shows on Netflix, and Chef’s Table is my latest obsession. I literally cried watching the first episode with Christina Tosi, the founder and creative genius of Milk Bar in NYC. She’s so inspiring! (And I want to make a batch of her compost cookies ASAP.)

My Style Vita is the latest addition to my blogroll, and I’m totally smitten with the denim jumpsuit she’s wearing in today’s post. It looks like the perfect one-and-done outfit for running around the flower shop.

• After killing an entire tube — including cutting off a corner to get to every last drop of product — I can officially say that this is the best clean sunscreen I’ve ever used: it has a unique texture that creates a smooth, pore-blurring, demi-matte finish on the skin; it’s a perfect SPF to wear under makeup. (More skin care products I used to the last drop will be up in tomorrow’s post.)

• I love Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel. Carla made a blueberry ginger pie from scratch last month, and was so encouraging through the process that I think I may actually be able to do it!

• Grace posted her August reading list on The Stripe; I’m really into creepy thrillers these days, so there are a few in her roundup that I’m adding to my must-read list. (I’m currently listening to one of her recommendations, Ghosted, by Rosie Walsh.)

• Krystal shared lots of valuable insight about growing into the best, most positive version of yourself in this post about how to be more confident.

• I got a deluxe sample of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in a recent Sephora Play box, and I kind of love it! I don’t know about it’s claims to tighten and firm skin, but every time I use it, my husband says I smell good — the pistachio caramel fragrance is like vacation in a jar –and it has a tiny amount of glowy shimmer, so I’m digging it for summertime.

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  1. 8.3.18

    Oh my Goop! Taffy is one heck of a writer. I read her Tonya Harding article when the Margot Robbie movie was blowing up & she certainly has a way of manipulating her readers into feeling just as she does. However, I think I’ve always basically thought Gwyneth was bit cuckoo-aschoo.

    • 8.6.18

      Heading off to find Taffy’s piece on Tonya right now!

  2. 8.2.18

    Keira, I couldn’t love Chrisitina more too! She’s not only a beautiful person; but her desserts are just killer!
    Also, I just discovered your blog and read your bio; its so wonderfully written!
    Love from India <3

    Mansi |

  3. 8.1.18

    Bless to the best woman 🎀❤️

  4. 8.1.18
    Julie said:

    That article about gwyneth was fascinating. I kept pinballing back and forth between she’s crazy and maybe she’s onto something.

    • 8.1.18

      I did exactly the same!! I really loved the writer’s style. I want to read more of her pieces.

  5. 8.1.18
    Nicole Roe said:

    That sunscreen has been in my cart for months. I can’t seem to pull that $70 trigger.

  6. 8.1.18

    Cool post! Thanks for sharing.