4 Reasons To Try Scentbird

Whether you’re a longtime fragrance collector or a newbie trying to find your signature scent, Scentbird is a fun monthly subscription service that will have you rolling in pretty perfumes and colognes in no time.

I learned about it through Influenster and I’ve been a member for about a year. Here are four reasons Scentbird is one of my favorite subscription services (#nonspon):

1. I flippin’ love getting stuff in the mail. From Book of the Month to Sephora’s monthly sample Play! box, I’m happy to shell out a $10-15 monthly fee in exchange for fun surprises at my doorstep. I started with the $14.95 monthly Scentbird subscription, and once I had a good collection of perfumes, I tapered back to receive new fragrances once every three months. I like that you can customize your shipping frequency and/or upgrade to receive multiple fragrances per shipment.

2. It’s easy to find new favorites. When you sign up, Scentbird gives you a ‘fragrance finder’ quiz to give you recommendations of what they think you’ll love. As you browse the site for products to add to your shipping queue, you can search by scent category, style or occasion, and each fragrance has user reviews to help you determine if it’s right for you. I lean toward woody, spicy, citrus and Oriental fragrances (borderline masculine) with notes of neroli, bergamot, lavender, cashmere, musk and ambergris.

I discovered my holy grail, can’t-live-without scent, Gentlewoman by Juliet Has A Gun through my Scentbird subscription. Other favorites: Rag & Bone’s Bergamot and Velvet by Commodity.

3. The price is right. Your $14.95 subscription includes a 30-day supply (0.27 oz) of your chosen perfume/cologne. As a comparison: the travel size of Velvet at Sephora contains .33 oz for $26. And Scentbird gives you access to way more perfumes and colognes in a convenient travel size with than what’s available at Sephora, including luxury brands and unique niche fragrances. I never finish an entire bottle of perfume before it goes bad, so these mini sizes are ideal for me; plus, I love having a variety of scents on-hand without the clutter of lots of big bottles.

Your first shipment includes a sleek metal case to house your fragrance. It’s perfect to toss in your bag and use on-the-go, and it’s easy to swap out the vials.

Scentbird Fragrance Subscription Service Review
Everyone raved about Glossier ‘you‘ when it launched, and guys, I hated it. It smelled like my awkward middle school years reincarnated — a mix of musk and sweaty skin with a teeny hint of the Abercrombie cologne all my crushes wore — and I had to toss it. I didn’t even want to pass it to a friend because I didn’t want to smell it on them. Some picks are hits, and some are misses. 

4. Get FREE fragrances! When you have an account, you can invite friends to join Scentbird through Facebook, email or your personalized link. If/when each friend signs up for a subscription, they get a FREE fragrance and so do you! Win-win!

(Full disclosure: the Scentbird links in this post are my personal invite link, so while this post isn’t sponsored, we’ll both get a free fragrance if you sign up for a subscription. Woo-hoo!)

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  1. 10.28.18

    This is intriguing. Planning to purchase my fall/winter scents this week & this sounds like a great way to try something new. Also, sounds like we have a similar scent sense.

    • 10.29.18

      It’s definitely worth a try! And high-fives for smelling like a dandy gentleman instead of sweet florals and candy. ;)

  2. 10.24.18

    I have always wanted to try scentbird. I love perfume and trying new scents. But what if you receive one you simply don’t like? Can you send it back??

    • 10.29.18

      I don’t think you can return it, which is the only bummer. So far I’ve only had one that I really didn’t jive with. But I’ve found the reviews and scent profiles are really helpful in finding fragrances that will work for you!

      • 10.29.18

        That is awesome. But because I am a designer I can always gift the scents I don’t like to my clients as thank you gifts

  3. 10.23.18

    I love this idea. I’ve tried a few subscription boxes and I’ve not been thrilled with any of them. I love perfume though so I might have to give this one a go!

    • 10.29.18

      Do you ever find that subscription boxes start super strong to rope you in, and then they get really underwhelming after a while? Every month I threaten to quit my Sephora Play box, but as soon as I’m ready to pull the trigger and cancel, they hit me with a good one. So frustrating!

      I need to find a good candy subscription box. Ha!

  4. 10.23.18
    Elizabeth said:

    I got the message that my first order was delivered today. I’m excited to try it out!

    • 10.29.18

      Oh yay!! I hope you love it as much as I do! Which fragrance did you get?

      • 10.29.18
        Elizabeth said:

        I got the Tocca Maya, and I LOVE it!! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, and I’m already looking forward to next month’s fragrance!