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As a petite woman in my mid-30s, the teddy bear jacket trend in its purest iteration — an oversized bomber/cocoon that looks like it came from your dad’s closet in the 90s (if your dad had a hobby of fashioning his outerwear from the pelts of Snuggle bears) — should probably be a hard pass from me, but guys, I’m into it

Get this Reformation ‘Freddie’ coat on my body, please and thank you. 

Maybe it’s because it looks like a plush, well-loved robe or a wearable blanket with sleeves; I’m all about the coziness of it all. If you want to get your hands on the trend for less than $100, I’d go with this drawstring style from Urban Outfitters (available in 4 colors) or this walnut sherpa jacket from BB Dakota.

And if you just want to dip your toe in the teddy bear craze without dropping a lot of cash, check out this cute lapel style for $28 from Shein. (Full disclosure: I’ve never shopped with Shein so I can’t speak to their quality/customer service, but we had a ladies’ night at the flower shop this week and I overheard some of the girls talking about all the cute things they find for a steal on the site.) 

If you want a more grown-up version of the trend, may I present the teddy bear coat? It’s a longer silhouette with classic coat tailoring and all the fuzzy-wuzziness. I remember when Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere wore the style from her clothing line in her Instagram stories; I really wanted to get my paws on it but it sold out online in a blink (it’s back in stock now). 

What do you think about the teddy bear outerwear takeover of 2k18? Yea or nay? 

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  1. 12.4.18

    Have you gotten one? I too am very into it, but unsure it’s “me”..I finally bit the bullet and bought one to try from TJ Maxx online….we shall see!!

    • 12.4.18

      I haven’t!! It’s been SO hot in Florida so I haven’t been able to justify the purchase.
      Let me know how your TJ find works out! They’re always the best for trying out a trend you’re unsure about.

  2. 11.9.18

    I’m all about this look! Love it!

  3. 11.8.18

    I love this!