I Fell Down A Rabbit Hole Of Internet Acrylic Pours

It’s Saturday morning, and I should be knocking out my weekend flower deliveries; but instead I’m eating salt and vinegar chips on the couch and watching 30-minute videos about acrylic pours on YouTube. 

Like this one! 

Fast-forward to the 10-minute mark to get to the good stuff; she spends the first quarter of the video laying down a base of white paint. 

I’m super new to the world of acrylic pours, but here’s what I’ve quickly gathered: it’s an art technique that involves pouring acrylic paint (mixed with pouring mediums and/or water) onto canvas and using strategic tilting + a variety of tools — mallets! hair dryers! blow torches! — to create marbled effects, unique ‘cell’ patterns and big swirls of color.

Acrylic pouring looks like a painting style I could maybe successfully recreate — and finally put all the art supplies I hoard with the best intentions to use? — but, more than that, it’s just incredibly satisfying to watch…

If you want to give acrylic pouring a shot, I found this beginner’s guide and tutorial from K.Becca to help you get started. (Or you can just binge the videos, like me; #acrylicpouring on Instagram.) 

Okay, I seriously have to get to work now!

(Featured image via Instagram)

Author: Keira Lennox

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