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A soothing weighted blanket has been on my wish list for a while, and after reading Grace’s glowing review of her gravity blanket, my finger is hovering on the Amazon ‘1-click’ order button

My skin is fah-reaking out after a month of holiday indulgence, crummy hydration habits, and yo-yo’ing Florida weather. This nighttime resurfacing serum is helping to ‘purge my pores,’ battle the dullness, and get things back on track.

How sitting in moments that are incredibly uncomfortable can help us grow.

Why do we ‘save’ our favorite clothes instead of wearing them? (I’m so guilty of this.)

We don’t have a coffee table in our small living room; we opted for a lightweight ottoman we can scoot out of the way and these faux marble folding tray tables for drinks + food (on sale at Amazon!) because we eat all our meals in front of the television like animals. If, like us, you’re in a cozy living situation, Yellow Brick Home rounded up 30 coffee table options that marry style and function for small spaces, and I like ’em all.

Allure talked with girls ages 5-18 about beauty ideals, body image and self love, and it hit me right in the feels.

Why your self-care methods may not be working, and how to fix it. (But still, although a hot bath filled with lavender epsom salts can’t fix everything, it sure helps a lot.)

Halsey wants all women to be ‘inconvenient’. (I watched this one a few times.)

Older generations reminisce about the days before cell phones.

I’ll admit that the TV reboot trend is getting stale, but I’ll be the first to jump on board a Lizzie McGuire revival! Also: If you’re not watching Younger, Hilary’s TV Land show about a 40-year old woman — played by the lovely Sutton Foster — passing herself off as a 20-something to land a job in book publishing, it’s a great weekend binge.

This $40 Topshop mini bag with a tortoise ring handle is too stinkin’ cute.

Wil Wheaton’s piece about living with chronic depression and anxiety is a must-read for, well, everyone: whether you live with mental illness, love someone who does, or want to learn about the struggle of others in order to be a more compassionate human (more of that in 2019, please!).

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  1. 1.6.19
    Julie Mennel said:

    That poem by Halsey is everything! I want everyone to read it.

  2. 1.6.19
    Nicole Roe said:

    My weighted blanket changed my sleep game 100%. I couldn’t ever fall back asleep and now falling asleep happens quickly. Geoff hates it on the bed tho! My big boys now sleep with them too.