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Brioche French toast with warm berry compote Food Network recipe review, Sunday brunch

• I made this Brioche French Toast With Fresh Berry Compote from Food & Wine for breakfast this morning, and 10/10 would recommend.

• 3 ways to reroute if you’re feeling off course.

• This weenie dog only responds to Harry Potter spells and I am dead.

• I enjoyed Kendi’s post about growing up and accepting the way your personal style changes through different stages of life. One of the reasons I stopped posting my outfits here is that I wear the same basic pieces on repeat (as in, I literally wear these high-rise skinny ankle jeans at least 3 times per week) but I’m more comfortable and confident in my laid-back 30s style than I ever was in my shopping-obsessed 20s.

• This moringa cleansing balm is hanging out in my Amazon cart, waiting for me to finish off another cleanser before it’s back in the loving arms of my evening skin care routine.

• 19 famous women share how they spent their first big paychecks. (I love that Sarah Paulson balled out at the Gap!)

• Putting this 3-piece wicker patio set from Target on my spring home wish list.

• Ruth recommends 6 books to read in the new year.

• Do I need to start throwing coconut oil in the mix of my hot lavender epsom salt baths?!

• I’m getting back in the habit of packing my lunch during the week, and I’m on the hunt for a cute lunch box to replace the plastic grocery bag I usually toss all my stuff in; like this Kate Spade ‘just desserts’ canvas tote covered in strawberries, this monogrammable blue and white striped insulated lunch bag from Marks & Spencer, or this adorable cat bag from Forever21.

• Speaking of brown-bagging it, I love these Pyrex glass bowls with lids for packing salads, Greek yogurt parfaits with mixed berries and chia granola, steamed/roasted veggies, fresh sliced fruit and nuts, or meat-and-cheese rollups; I prep the night before while I’m in the kitchen making dinner, then grab-and-go on my way out in the morning.

• Anna Jane is a treasure trove of style inspiration for me, and I love this ‘Shop Your Closet’ post with three chic ways to wear a classic white button-down.

• Could you do 6 years with a distraction-free iPhone?

• Melissa McCarthy handing out secret ham sandwiches at the Golden Globes was honestly my favorite headline of the week.

• How did I miss that Bobbi Brown started a podcast?? (Thanks for the head’s up, Carly!) I just subscribed on Stitcher and can’t wait to dive in this week.

• Want to stop overthinking in 2019? *raises my hand* The Everygirl has 7 ‘easy’ ways to kick the habit that feel totally doable.

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  1. 1.13.19
    Jess (Sil said:

    Still loving all the posts you’re cranking out lately!! That breakfast looks to die for…I had a glass of iced coffee and guess I’ll be moving right into lunch at this point. I too have that Pyrex set (thanks wedding registry) and every time I use them I think about how handy they are. Even though you say you’re a basic outfit repeater, I’d sure love some 2019 style files. ;)