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• ‘Yoga skin’ is the freshest makeup trend for 2019 and I am here for it.

• The Bite Beauty lip crayons I loved were discontinued *sad trombone* but their Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks are even better and 50% off!

• Why you should run to your local thrift store, thanks to Marie Kondo. (I haven’t watched the Netflix series yet because I know it will make me throw out all my stuff and then regret it.)

• 33 DIY ways to organize your life. (Yes, please.)

• I just polished off a bottle of this ‘pure radiance’ body oil and really enjoyed it as an all-over moisturizer after hot showers in the morning. It’s a splurge, but it kept my skin super hydrated with a pretty sheen and a mood-boosting herbal scent.

• The glorious freedom of good enough. (Found this one on the Fewer, Better Facebook group I joined as part of my Low-Buy New Year.)

• I have $20 in LOFT rewards to cash in before it expires in a few weeks, and I have my eye on this cute frenchie tee.

• Logan looks so chic in her blanket scarf, and shares why it’s her go-to, multitasking travel accessory for style + coziness.

• Putting these DIY macrame feathers by Honestly WTF on my project list; they would be so fun for a window display at the flower shop!

• Crushing hard on these Madewell leopard flats. Should they be my February style pick?

• I love this half-up twist braid updo, and Missy’s helpful tutorial makes it look actually doable!

• Speaking of updos, these mega-grip bobby pins from Sally Beauty are the best for thick/heavy hair, and you get 300 for $5.99. I’ll never buy drugstore bobbies again.

• Why we should all escape our filter bubbles.

• I got a deluxe sample of this cleansing volumizing paste in a Sephora Play! box, and it’s the best thing to happen to my thick (but fine) hair. It gets my scalp super clean with clay and exfoliators and gives my hair a good lift from the roots; a little goes a long way and I only use it once a week.

• Grace asks, ‘Can we all just be a little nicer to ourselves?

• Only Blair could make me want a faux fur mid-length coat covered in hearts.

• I rediscovered a 2017 favorite, ‘skinfinish’ mineral powder, in the back of my makeup drawer and it’s back in daily rotation for setting my base and concealer. It locks everything in but never looks dry, chalky or matte. How did I forget how much I loved this powder?! (All the more reason I need to stop buying new makeup and use what I have.)

• I bought this Real Techniques Everyday Essentials brush kit at the end of last year and it’s all I need for easy everyday makeup looks. The brushes are premium quality and so soft for a great price (4 brushes + a sponge for $19.99).

• I wanna hit the road in this dreamy airstream!

• I think I’m going to try this apple pie baked oatmeal recipe this morning; bonus: leftovers make hearty grab-and-go breakfasts for the week.

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  1. 6.27.20
    Jacobs Amelia said:

    The amount of sources you went through to write this particular piece must have got been sky-high.
    That is so unusual nowadays, to have a person research the matter well and provide it in an understandable way.
    I actually through the simply people who do that was But now Excellent bot more faith in the on the internet community.

  2. 8.1.19
    Jessica said:

    I was wondering about Sephora Play’s cleansing paste. Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll try and leave comments again soon.

  3. 6.7.19

    It took me some time to read all that and i was happy that it took me some time since i loved reading your article. keep up the great work. sll the best.

  4. 1.20.19

    As per usual it takes me quite some time to get through your this + that posts because I love all the things you link and never want to breeze past anything. The good enough concept gets two thumbs up by me. I 100% need that brush set & I just signed up for the Play!box again and can’t wait for my samples – making a vow to actually use them all. So terrible about hoarding my samples. Have a great week!

    • 1.21.19

      There were several months last year that I seriously considered cancelling my Play subscription because the samples were getting pretty boring, but it came back around and hooked me back in. Ha! And I’m also a sample hoarder. I’m trying to be better at giving away the ones I know I’ll never use; I don’t need a drawer of tiny beauty products that I’ll never touch!!

  5. 1.20.19

    thank you so much for including me! xx

    • 1.21.19

      This is so nice, thank you, Grace!
      (Total fan-girl of your blog.)

  6. 1.20.19

    I can’t believe you haven’t watched the Marie Kondo series! It seems totally up your alley, but I totally get the “fear” of maybe throwing away or donating things and then regretting doing so. I totally love the series. I kind of do a modified version of her recommendations and have really organized a lot. You’ll love it!!!! Even if you have just a couple of takeaways. Also, I now “need” some more facial oil and glow drops. Yoga skin is my new goal. 😘