Let’s Talk About Pajama Style

I posted this Instagram yesterday wearing a blouse I bought last fall with the caption, ‘I’m super late to the pajama blouse party, but give them all to me,’ and one of my girlfriends texted this morning, ‘Wait. What is the pajama blouse business??’

This sparked a convo in our group chat about pajama style, which was a huge spring/summer trend a few years ago and is still hanging on; because what’s not to love about going about your day in clothes that literally feel like fancy jammies? From street style to red carpets, ladies are rocking pajama-inspired blouses and/or 2-piece sets that look like the most luxuriously chic loungewear, and you guys, I. am. here. for. it.

Exhibit A: The Shirt

When I think of chic pajama blouses, I automatically think of Anna, who has an enviable collection of silk Equipment blouses; including the ‘Keira’ style with classic PJ piping details — proof this trend is meant for me — which you can find in blue for 68% off on Nordstrom Rack. (I’ll be honest, in moments like this, I question/maybe-regret my low-buy because I already bought my February style pick but I really want to order this shirt while it’s on sale; but I can’t give up just two months in!)

I could happily live out my weekdays in this style of top with my favorite hi-rise straight jeans or skinnies and live my best basic life.

Exhibit B: The Set

This is the kind of fashion trend that’s nearly impossible to pull off in real life, unless you want people to think you’re rolling through your day in your nightclothes, but I can’t get enough of these fashion ladies in coordinated sets. Most of these are photos from various international fashion weeks circa 2016, but the last photo is from an Oscar de la Renta ready-to-wear presentation for spring 2019, so the trend is here to stay for at least another year. That gives me plenty of time to get some more pajama style in my life.

Oscar de la Renta spring 2019 via Vogue

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  1. 2.20.19

    I love the pajama look but it’s totally impractical for real life…. as a set anyway!


    • 2.21.19

      Totally agree, but it wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone jumped on board with it as acceptable day wear? lol