I Need This Purse Organizer In My Life

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on the blog on 12/17/17, and I can happily report that I ordered this purse organizer* for myself shortly after I wrote the post and totally delivered on form + function. The felt is nice and thick so it has great structure, and all the compartments make organizing your favorite daily tote bag a breeze. (In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I ordered the backpack version* to organize my large leather backpack.) 

I like big totes* and I cannot lie. The problem with carrying a giant handbag — and thinking you need to haul everything but the kitchen sink on your shoulder every day — is it’s nearly impossibly to keep all of your stuff from falling into a sad, messy pile at the bottom of your bag. This is especially troublesome when you’re standing at the register in the grocery store with a line behind you, armpit-deep in your purse and sweating as you try to locate your credit card that’s buried somewhere in the detritus. (Yes, I have a wallet*. No, I don’t always use it properly.)

While scrolling through Pinterest recently, I spotted this long felt handbag organizer* and thought, ‘eureka!‘ I found it on Amazon for less than $25, and it’s on Prime, so you could have it in time for the holiday as an amazing gift for yourself or your favorite handbag clutter bug. I’m partial to the beige, but it’s available in 7 other colors; there’s also a short version* for smaller bags and one designed specifically* for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, as well as a duffle version that zips* for privacy in large open tote styles .

I like how the lady in the photo carries a gourmet chocolate bar in her tote organizer*; I aspire to be this fancy — and organized! — in the new year.

  • Disclosure Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links denoted by an asterisk (*); this doesn’t affect your purchase price, but gives me a small commission if you make a purchase from my links.

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  1. 1.7.18
    suezanne said:

    I love this and need this!!!! I have panicked to many time at register over wallet:( I went to site and do not see the color you are showing and that’s the color I would like. Do you know how I would go about getting this color?? Purse with a peace of mind, LOVE!!!

  2. 12.22.17
    Pam said:

    I purchased the organizer for my new backpack. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!!

  3. 12.18.17
    Brittany said:

    Love this! And I love totes so this looks like a lifesaver!

  4. 12.18.17
    Silex in the City said:

    oh my goodness – that is so nice – thanks for sharing this. I need!

  5. 12.18.17
    Carolina Jenkins said:

    Looks like a very useful bag!
    Also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas !