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Happy Sunday and first week of spring! Besides the aggressive pollen assault on my immune system that makes me weirdly foggy/lethargic on top of feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton balls dipped in itching powder, it’s my favorite time of year and we’re enjoying a really lovely March. The weather is amazing, the days are longer, and the flower shop is thriving: we’re right in the thick of our busy season with weddings, proms and events (on top of our regular day-to-day orders) so our days are quick and the weeks feel like they’re flying by. I’ve gotten spoiled having C around the shop every day as he’s in the midst of a career transition, and besides the perk of seeing his handsome face more often, it’s also given me some flexibility in my schedule. I can balance our chores and errands, roll into work a little later, enjoy some quiet time to work from home in the mornings, and try out new creative side hustles, like my first gig as a stylist for a spring style feature in a local publication, WH magazine. I planned the theme and aesthetic — which included a Pinterest-worthy picnic setup — then shopped and pulled all the clothes and accessories from my favorite local stores and spent last Friday on location working with a group of models and the WH creative team on a lakeside photoshoot. I loved every minute of the experience and I feel so lucky to 1.) have the freedom to explore different things and stretch my creative muscles and 2.) have the support of my flower shop family, who pick up the slack when I’m out trying new things and cheer me on and send encouraging and supportive text messages because they’re just the dang best.

Spring always feels like a season of fresh starts, and I’m feeling really grateful for growth, new opportunities, and lots of renewed energy. I have a growing list of blog posts I want to share when I have some extra free time, but in the meantime, here’s a list of my latest bookmarks and some of the links I loved this month!

An adorable 4 year old mic’d up at hockey practice is all of us trying to get through life.

• I’d like to get a cute bistro set for our front patio now that the days are longer and the weather’s so lovely; I have my eye on this 3-piece set from Target.

• If you’re on the job hunt, Camille Styles shared a handful of helpful ways to make your resume stand out in the crowd.

• Only Kate from The Fancy Pants Report can wear head-to-toe polka dots and make it look effortlessly chic.

• I put this tinted protect + glow SPF 30 back in my morning routine and I’m really enjoying it; it has a teeny amount of tint and shimmer for a sun-kissed glow, and it’s loaded with skin care ingredients to improve tone and texture. It wears well under foundation, but I also love wearing it on its own and just spot-concealing with this soft matte cream concealer.

Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite feel-good shows for an instant mood lift, and it seems I’m not alone; Man Repeller calls the the animated comedy ‘a generation’s coping mechanism.

• I’m 100% okay with my lack of a tan these days (I’m fanatical about sun protection) but I ordered this gradual tanning lotion from Amazon to try for a buildable — and hopefully natural-looking — spring and summer glow. I already have the Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish from the same brand, which is great on the face, arms and legs for instant color and shimmer that stays put until you wash it off (I use the shade ‘light latte’).

• I was completely mesmerized watching this young lady hand-sew a leather handbag from scratch, inspired by the iconic Hermes Kelly bag. The end result is amazing!

Linda Rodin is my style icon; I want to be just like her when I grow up.

• I’m really digging Allana Davison’s ‘Full Face Friday’ series on YouTube; each week she does a fresh makeup look featuring new products and/or favorites from her collection, and it inspires me to shake up my daily routine.

• I’m in love with this couple’s 1,000 square-foot Ann Arbor home that was built in 1912; it’s exactly the kind of colorful, vintage-meets-modern aesthetic that C and I enjoy in our own cozy space.

• I made a batch of Baking In the Burb‘s Flourless Double Chocolate Cookies and 10/10 would recommend. I had everything I needed to make them in my baking stash, and I threw in some walnuts for a little crunch.

• I always enjoy Anna’s seasonal capsule wardrobe updates, and her transitional spring edit didn’t disappoint. (She also made me want this rose-colored boiler suit.)

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