Throwing It Back With A Summer 30 For 30

Last week, Kendi announced she’s relaunching her 30 for 30 remix after an 8-year hiatus, and the 2009 blogging community collectively cheered. If you’re an old-school style blog lover, you probably remember the challenge well: take 30 pieces from your wardrobe (tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, outerwear and shoes) and mix and match them into 30 unique outfits over 30(ish) days. Kendi’s 30×30 inspired us to play in our closets, get creative with our style, and take a break from buying new things; the original 30×30 included a shopping fast for the duration of the challenge.

My last 30 for 30 was three summers ago. That remix was a lot of fun and a hit with readers, but I made some blunders that made the experiment less enjoyable than it could’ve been, like choosing pieces I thought would make cute ‘blog outfits’ without considering how they’d work in my real life as a floral designer and comfort lover. I included three pairs of stilettos (girl, what?), two pairs of shorts (I hate wearing shorts!), a white lace mini dress (totes practical for work…) and white jeans (flower shops are dirty, y’all). When that 30×30 ended, I think spent a month recovering in t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops!

When I saw Kendi’s plans to bring back the challenge this summer, I jumped right on board. Determined to make this a better round of remixing, I spent a good chunk of time this weekend carefully selecting 30 pieces from my closet for maximum practicality and mix-ability, including some of my favorites that are already in heavy rotation. I gave myself plenty of denim, easy blouses, and chunky-heeled sandals; and added pops of print — like these floral pants and a snake-print duster — to keep things interesting. I also included a few light outerwear options, because in my experience, layering is the key to easy remixing (and it’s usually as cold as a meat locker in the flower shop).

Here’s my plan: I’ll mix-and-match these 30 pieces into 30 weekday outfits over the next six weeks, and share them in weekly roundups here on the blog, à la Style Files. I’m sticking to the original rules and taking a shopping break until the 30×30 is finished, but if one of the pairs of shoes turns out to be uncomfortable or I drip mustard down the front of one of those white blouses (highly likely) I’ll swap them out with something similar in my closet and keep on truckin’.

For reference, I’m including a list of all the pieces in my remix, if you want to play along or you’re interested in adding some versatile basics to your summer wardrobe. A note: I didn’t include bags in my 30 because I typically only carry my Cuyana structured leather tote during the week. Plus, I think accessories are fair game to keep the remixing fun and fresh; remember, this experiment is all about creativity and resourcefulness, not restriction.

I linked all the exact items that are still available online, and found ‘similar’ items for the rest that I could find. (Disclosure: this list contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.)

My Summer 30 For 30




Skirts & Dresses


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  1. Chrissie wrote:

    This sounds like a fun challenge and something that will make people feel differently about their clothes. You choices look lovely and practical too this year. Although, those pink heels with the shorts were very sexy retro! I’m trying to dig out clothes I hardly wear and figure out how to style them for everyday wear. Good luck with yours!

    Posted 6.19.19 Reply
    • Thank you, Chrissie! I’m really enjoying this round, and it makes me realize how much I prefer an edited, pared-down wardrobe.

      Have fun shopping your closet! ☺️

      Posted 6.28.19 Reply
  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    I cannot even believe how many years have passed since those early days of blogging! I found some of my fave OG style blogs through people linking with Kendi’s remix posts back in the day day. I’m excited you are doing it! I so loved just seeing what everyone wore all the time instead of constantly being sold stuff (I get that’s how to make the money these days, but you know what I mean!) LOL to her reference to the J Crew pencil skirt! Also who can forget the bubble necklaces and pattern mixing!

    Posted 6.12.19 Reply
    • Ahhh, bubble necklaces! Gone but not forgotten. Haha! So happy you’re following along. :)

      Posted 6.13.19 Reply
  3. Amy G wrote:

    Yay, another remix! I was really excited when I saw Kendi was bringing this back, and I’m excited to see what you do during your remix too!

    Posted 6.11.19 Reply
  4. Erin wrote:

    Looking forward to seeing this! And i sympathize with what you think looks good vs what is practical. Living on a ladder and throwing bolts around on a daily basis is not aways conducive to my love of fit and flair dresses… but we adapt as we grow and learn!

    Posted 6.11.19 Reply


  • The only thing that would’ve made this @bonappetitmag ‘white pesto pasta’ better is if @lallimusic was in my kitchen when I made it. (I re-watched her video as I prepped, which was the next best thing.) Guys, I cannot overstate the seriousness of my obsession with the @bonappetitmag YouTube channel. Most of my bookmarks on my phone are videos of recipes I want to try, and I’m slowly making my way through ‘em; kind of like ‘Julie & Julia’ but with fewer live lobsters and a little less butter. 
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Doak got a little *too* close to the smell the flowers. 🤣
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Crispy edges + a chewy center + brown butter + giant chunks of 70% dark chocolate = a pretty perfect cookie. 🍪
@moroccochris - I salute you. 
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This was the ultimate test of self-control for me...⁣
I bought 5.
  • Saturday errand style f/ two #styleonabudget favorites from last summer that are still going strong: this gingham ruffle cami I found on a clearance rack at @target + a rattan circle bag I bought for around $25 on @amazon. 
I’m killing the cost-per-wear game with these two. 😏 #whatiwore #ootd #summerstyle #stylefiles
  • 🍑