#30x30Remix: My First Week of Outfits

Things are off to a great start with my summer 30×30! I’m enjoying getting dressed for work in my little makeshift mini-wardrobe in the laundry room, where I stashed my 30 pieces on a rolling rack to avoid any distraction/temptation from other stuff in my closet. There’s something about pared-down options that really jives with my brain; in the case of a capsule wardrobe, it kickstarts my creativity and makes mixing-and-matching fresh outfits a breeze. I see why Anna and JessAnn stick to them, season after season.

This first roundup of outfits is from June 10th – June 17th. A handful of notes/observations from my first full week:

1. I’m making the exact same face in every photo. (Now that you see it, you can’t unsee it, huh? lol) How do people take mirror selfies — or selfies in general, for that matter — and make them look easy and natural? Give me all your secrets, baby millennials!

2. I need to step away from my beloved distressed skinny jeans and play with the other bottoms I included in my remix. Old denim-loving habits die hard; maybe I’ll set a limit of wearing them just once per week for the remainder of the 30×30.

3.  I’m high-fiving myself for putting these drawstring floral pants in the mix: the delicate floral print is a fun pop; they feel like comfy pajama bottoms; and they’re not something I’d typically reach for, so it’ll be a fun challenge to find fresh ways to wear them.

4. I find myself playing with accessories a lot more when my clothing options are limited, and I’m into it! I started a Pinterest board to keep track of fresh ways to mix everyday basics with statement earrings, layered necklaces, bags, and hair accessories. (I can’t get enough of the scarves-in-ponytails trend.)

5. This probably goes without saying, but when I spend less time deciding what to wear in the morning, the start of my day feels much more productive. I spend the extra 10(ish) minutes making a bagel and an iced coffee to take to work, photographing my outfits for the blog (while I have that lovely morning light coming in from the windows) and tidying up the living room and kitchen from the previous evening so we can come home to a clean and happy space. Guys, are capsule wardrobes the secret to unlocking my inner morning person?!

If you’re interested in any of the outfits I’m wearing, I rounded up links to the exact pieces that are still available online, as well as similar items to help you shop.

Disclosure: This posts contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase from my recommendations.

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  1. 7.4.19
    Melissa NICHOLS said:

    Love your style. I need those LF slides!

  2. 6.19.19

    I love your style. It’s so different from other capsule bloggers (it has colour!).