How I Remixed 30 Wardrobe Basics Into 30+ Easy Outfits

Remember when I started a 30×30 wardrobe remix challenge back in June? Even though I took a little blog hiatus last month, I stuck to the ‘rules’ of my remix and mixed-and-matched 30 pieces as my weekday wardrobe for nearly 2 months. I didn’t take photos every day, but here’s a roundup of 33 of the outfits from the challenge. Guys, I loved this 30×30 and I could’ve kept going and going. I’ll definitely do a fall version; maybe with fewer pieces.

The premise is so simple: take 30 pieces from your closet (excluding handbags and accessories) and ‘remix’ them into 30 outfits over 30(ish) days. If you’re feeling uninspired and stuck in your style, this is the best way to get creative with your basics and realize how much you don’t need in your closet. I didn’t even miss shopping.

I’ll be over here living that seasonal capsule wardrobe life from now on, people.

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  1. 8.24.19
    Simone said:

    I love all your outfits!

    I’m doing my own 30 by 30 remix on my blog for August/September. I’ve done one before but I went shopping for accessories half way through… I found it pretty hard not to shop the first time so hopefully this time I do ok. Your post has inspired me to stick to it and not shop during this challenge!

  2. 8.16.19
    Elizabeth said:

    cuuute outfits! thanks for sharing. p.s. i’m amazed that someone living in FL is wearing jeans daily in the middle of the summer. I’m in NC and it is WAY too hot for pants IMO.

    • 8.17.19

      Totally get it! Jeans and pants are most practical for me for work in my flower shop; I’ve never really loved shorts, and dresses and skirts aren’t the best when I’m bending over flower buckets and hauling things in and out of our delivery van all day, lol.

      God bless air conditioning.