A DIY Halloween Costume For Beauty Lovers

Every year, our friends’ parents throw an epic Halloween party. Our squad takes Halloween costumes very seriously and it’s the best. We all keep our costume ideas under wraps to savor the moment of surprise — and hilarity — on the big night. I love walking into that party, scanning the house and amazing decorations, and taking in every getup. In the last few years, I’ve made it my mission to level-up with fun DIY Halloween costume creations.

Sephora Bag DIY Halloween Costume: Woman wearing a black-and-white striped dress with a red tissue paper headpiece and a small Sephora bag on a gold chain as a cross-body purse.

While planning my costume for 2017, I stumbled upon a Buzzfeed video about DIY Halloween costumes for beauty lovers. One of the costumes was a Sephora bag and, y’all, I was in! It was such an easy costume to put together, all my friends loved it, and it was super comfortable to wear all night. (Plus it felt like a fitting tribute to the retailer that takes all my money.)

If you’re looking for a quick and easy costume for a Halloween party this week, 10/10 would recommend this one. All you need is a black-and-white striped dress (you may already have one in your closet) plus a plastic headband, lots of red tissue paper, a hot glue gun, and a small Sephora bag.

Don’t have a dress on hand? No worries. I rounded up a handful of options on Amazon Prime, all under $35, that you can get your hands on before the weekend.

How I Did It

First thing’s first: the headpiece. The Buzzfeed video shows how to make it. Basically, you hot glue pieces of red tissue paper to a cheap drugstore headband, and you’re done! In my version, I rounded the corners of the tissue paper with scissors before gluing for maximum ‘floof’ and volume; similar to a big tissue paper flower.

For my themed cross-body ‘purse’, I took a gold chain off a clutch I had in my closet, poked holes in either side of a small Sephora bag, attached the chain, and stuffed it with a little red tissue. (Ribbon would work just as well.) It held everything I needed that night, like my iPhone, lipstick, and a compact with a mirror for touch-ups.

I swiped on my favorite red liquid lipstick (shade ‘Beso‘) that I knew would stay on all night through cocktails and several trips to the dessert table, and finished the look with a comfortable pair of black block heel sandals. Fini!

My friend, Lisa, made me take this photo with all the Harry Potter actors that worked around the party that year. I did an awkward shy panic when one of them approached me for the photo, but I’m so happy LB coordinated the shot. It’s my favorite.

Check out my DIY flower basket costume from last year in this post from the archives.

What do you think?

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