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Serious question: Where did October go?! I can’t believe we only have two months left in this decade, but I’m looking forward to all the lovely things that come with holidays and the start of a fresh year year. I’m making it a priority to slow down and enjoy it all, while we power through our busiest season at the flower shop. Work/life balance, self-care (i.e., hot baths, books and 90s tv), all the pumpkin baked goods, and some salted caramel Crown Royal will get us through! Just pour that last one over ice and you’re good to go.

Now onto some links to read with your morning coffee, plus a few style and beauty bits I loved in October but never got around to posting.

Why you should ‘just say no’ to the productivity trap.

See also: ‘Inside The Highly Organized Lives Of Planner Addicts‘. Listen, I lurve a good planner — Filofax fo’ life — but I’m stressed about this level of planning commitment.

The surprising thing about gratitude, just in time for Thanksgiving.

This is my new favorite under-eye concealer. I use a tiny drop to cover my dark circles — I don’t know how I’ll ever finish the tube — and it stays put all day without creasing, cracking or looking dry. Big, big fan. (If you can find a color match, I’d go for the travel size for $10!)

Carly won Halloween 2019 with her Mia Thermopolis of The Princess Diaries costume. So good!

In case you missed it on my Instagram, I paid homage to Katy Perry’s #metgala2019 cheeseburger dress this year. With a french fry purse that just may make it into my autumn capsule wardrobe.

I finally snagged a pair of these Everlane heels in bright red leather after lusting after them for years, with credits from readers who used my referral link to make a purchase. (Thank you! Did you buy my beloved high rise skinny jeans?!)

This is a perfect summation of the charm of the new ‘Office Ladies‘ podcast!

I’m relieved to learn that I’m not the only one overwhelmed by choice. (It’s why I’ve watched every season of Gilmore Girls four times on Netflix.)

Help, I’m totally obsessed with these $250 jeans. The vintage fit is perfect for my body type, and oh so kind to my mid-30s derrière. Fortunately, I’ve had great luck finding them on Poshmark for less than $100 and scored a few pairs with credits from my closet sales!

I love these easy, budget-friendly bathroom makeover tips. I just bought a few fresh towels and a new shower curtain at Home Goods last week, and I find those little annual upgrades make such a difference.

Speaking of bathrooms, Liv Tyler’s is a dream.

I’m making a batch of Anna’s gooey milk chocolate and hazelnut cookies ASAP.

Santa baby, bring me anything from Shopbop’s holiday gift guide. (I already have and love those Loeffler Randall leopard mules!)

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  1. 11.3.19
    Melissa said:

    I still keep a paper planner but it’s just to keep track of appointments. That story on the people who have multiple planners!!! Just WOW