The Gratitude Habit That Helps Me Through Hard Times

a daily practice for positivity.

When times are tough and you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this helpful habit: a daily gratitude list. It’s a tried-and-true tool I turn to when I’m stuck in an anxiety spiral, feeling burned out at work, or struggling through a difficult season. It’s a simple, sure-fire way to lift my mood and shift my focus; both immediately and longterm.

Your Gratitude Journal

There’s no time like a quarantine to start your gratitude journal. Find a pretty, unused notebook (we all have one or ten hanging around the house) or invest in a nice journal. It should feel special and personal; like a little luxury that you enjoy using every day.

Some of my favorite small brands to shop for quality notebooks and journals are Rifle Paper Co., Wit & Delight, Poketo, and Urbanic. If you’re local, Stationery Loft has a lovely selection of paper goods, and we have a few on our online gift market at Lasater Flowers.

Your Gratitude Practice

Set aside a few quiet moments at the start or end of your day to dedicate to thankfulness. Write down a list of things in your gratitude journal that bring you joy, happiness, and comfort. They can be small — like perfecting your morning Dalgona coffee or finishing a good book — or big and life-affirming.

Your gratitude list can be as long as you like. Honestly, on tough days you may struggle to come up with just a handful of things. But set a goal to jot down at least five, and keep doing it each day. Give your gratitude journal a special place on your desk or nightstand, so you’ll see it every day and remember to make it part of your routine.

Not only will the daily practice help shift your brain to a more positive, grateful perspective over time, but it will also give you something solid — in your own words — to look back on when you need a reminder that life is good, your blessings are abundant, and that whatever challenging season you’re in, this too shall pass.

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  1. 5.18.20

    I love this!! Thank you for sharing. As someone who also battles with random anxiety, the one thing that has always seemed to help is to be GRATEFUL for what I have, and to write down all I am thankful for, as your post mentions! It really puts things into perspective for me and keeps me grounded. Thank you again for such a beautiful post!

    – Sabrina ♡

    • 5.18.20

      Thank you, Sabrina! We all need healthy ways to stay calm and peaceful during this challenging time.

  2. 5.14.20
    Carolina Jenkins said:

    HI keira ,well its been a while, but so happy to hear
    from you !Pray that you and yours are doing Great.
    We have had a lot of rain but its good for our flowers
    and grass! Have a great Summer ! .