Salted PB&J Ice Cream Pie

No churning required.
Salted PB&J Ice Cream Pie in a white ceramic pie dish

This one goes out to everyone who has a half-eaten jar of peanut butter hanging out (and going stale) in the pantry. Put it to good use in this perfect summer dessert: Salted PB&J Ice Cream Pie by Sohla El-Waylly.

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I made this frozen treat last Sunday, and you guys, it’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a smooth ice cream texture. There’s no churning or fancy ice cream makers involved; just a little time at the stove, plus a quick round in your stand mixer*. If you don’t have a stand mixer, a hand mixer will work, too! (Here’s a good one for $30.*)

My favorite thing about this recipe: you can make it work with whatever you have on hand. Sohla created this ice cream pie with adaptability in mind. Don’t have peanut butter? Any nut butter will do. (Or tahini, if you’re fancy.) Sub the buttery cracker base with pretzels or, heck, potato chips. And use any ol’ jar of jam, jelly or preserves you have lying around in the pantry or fridge.

Also, she’s just really pretty!

Finally, a quick note to say that my dessert-snubbing husband loved this, which is a shining endorsement.

Find the original recipe with detailed instructions at Bon Appetit. For more #SundayBaking inspiration, click here.

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