The Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Trend I’m Loving Right Now

and how I wear it IRL.
Urban Decay Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette, Roen Liquid Lip Balm, Ilia mascara.

Today’s post is a quickie to share a summer beauty trend I’m totally obsessed with right now: ultraviolet eyeshadow. I fill my Pinterest beauty board with all kinds of dreamy colorful eyeshadow looks that I love to admire but would never try. However, lilac lids are actually wearable, and they’ve made their way into my weekday makeup routine .

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Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadows*

Lilac and violet are flattering on so many skin tones, and you can adapt the trend to any makeup skill level or style. My favorite way to wear it: an easy, unfussy application of the color on my lids and lower lash line + a swipe of black mascara, a light wash of bronzer, and this nude liquid lip balm*. (Although it’s also really pretty paired with a bold coral lip. Just not ideal for mask-wearing.)

Lately I’m really enjoying the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette* — I bought it online immediately after seeing this post from @simplycyn on Instagram! It has a fun mix of ultraviolet purple mattes and shimmers + a great selection of everyday warm neutrals, making it super versatile for day and night. (Not that there’s much nightlife beyond our couches in 2020.) If I had to recommend one eyeshadow palette to splurge on this year, the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet* might be it.

If you don’t want to drop that much cash on a palette but want to play with the ultraviolet eyeshadow trend, ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Ripple’* is highly rated and only $6 at Ulta*.

Instagram Inspiration: Lilac Lids

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