The Easy Iced Coffee Recipe I Make Every Morning

and my new favorite coffee creamer.
Easy iced coffee recipe in a leopard Corkcicle tumbler

I shared a story to Instagram this morning with a super easy iced coffee recipe that I’m loving right now. I got a lot more feedback than I expected, so I thought I’d share it here, too! It takes just a few minutes to make with instant coffee, so you can get your caffeine fix and get out the door. (Elevated coffee connoisseurs, this post is not for you, ha!)

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This easy iced coffee recipe is a riff on Dalgona coffee, the fluffy drink made with instant coffee, sugar and hot water and blended into a whipped and fluffy texture. It took over Instagram as the official coffee of quarantine, and became one of my favorite parts of my morning routine.

I switched up my coffee routine recently when I found this Chobani sweet cream coffee creamer at Publix. It’s so, so good. Really rich and creamy — like heavy whipping cream — with just enough sweetness. It’s made with just three ingredients and has just 30 calories and 4 grams of sugar per serving.

Here’s the quick how-to!

Easy Iced Coffee Recipe

You’ll need:

1 TBS Instant Coffee (I keep mine in the freezer to keep the crystals fresh.)

1 TBS sugar or creamer (10/10 recommend the Chobani!)

2 TBS hot water (my $25 electric kettle from Amazon changed my life. Here’s a similar one.*)

Add all ingredients to your favorite grab-and-go tumbler. I’m a big fan of my Corkcicle leopard tumbler*; it keeps things ice-cold through an entire workday.

Using a whisk, hand mixer or hand-held milk frother* (my personal weapon of choice) mix ingredients together until they’re whipped and fluffy.

Toss in some ice, and fill the tumbler with the milk of your choice.

Run out the door because you’re late!

(That last one’s for me.)

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  1. 2.13.21
    Julie said:

    Oh, this iced coffee looks so delicious! I love the combination of coffee and ice. Definitely will try it!