Friday’s Five

Happy Friday! We’re going old-school today with a classic ‘Friday Five’ post. Which, if you’re new here, is an OG blogger favorite started by Cupcakes and Cashmere that wraps up the week with a handful of highlights. Emily retired the series on her blog, but I always loved how it celebrated simple pleasures and small joyful moments. In 2020, I think we all learned to enjoy and appreciate the little things, and I hope to keep that going in the new year. Here are five things I loved this week!

1. A Saturday trip to the farmer’s market.

Florida has graced us with some pretty glorious weather for the last month, and it’s especially great when the best days fall on a weekend. Saturday was pretty perfect. Before my flower deliveries, I popped by our local farmer’s market for some fresh bread, eggs, and veggies.

That BLT on an asiago bagel from Honeycomb Bread is one of my proudest sandwich achievements.

2. Therapeutic #sundaybaking.

I always get jitters a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day. It’s the calm before the storm that gets me every time. On Sunday, I channeled that energy into using up a carton of on-the-brink blueberries in Alison Roman’s blueberry cake with almond and cinnamon from her Dining In cookbook*.

It’s a super easy recipe that’s so delicious and not too sweet. It’s a mix of almond flour and AP flour, which gives it a nice dense texture. Alison describes it as a cake that’s like a giant muffin top, which is pretty spot-on. By Wednesday, there was just one small slice left.

3. Happy Birthday to Doak!

On Monday, we celebrated our handsomest doodle’s 12th birthday! I took this video when he looked extra happy after our walk. We’re so grateful that he’s still going strong, and we smother him with love and affection — and sing him cheesy songs — every single day until he’s completely over us.

4. These ‘Keira’ garden roses.

We ordered a case of these David Austin ‘Keira’ garden roses for a custom order at the flower shop. I’m more than happy to share a name with these beauties! (If little 90’s me — who never found pencils or tchotchkes engraved with her name in stores and was super sad about it, lol — could see us now!)

5. A rediscovered lip gloss love.

bareMinerals GEN NUDE buttercream lip gloss

What’s the only thing better than finding a stray waffle fry at the bottom of the Chick-fil-A bag after you thought you finished them all? Rediscovering forgotten beauty products in handbags you haven’t used in a while.

A few weeks ago, I switched bags and found this bareMinerals GEN NUDE buttercream lip gloss* in the shade ‘Must Have’. I bought it at Sephora sometime last year after @nikkideroest recommended it on IG. It’s the perfect rosy ‘your-lips-but-better’ nude that’s super comfortable to wear, not sticky, and subtlety shiny. Now that we’re happily reunited, I wear it nearly every day.

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