Free Floral Wallpapers For Your iPhone

Free floral iphone wallpapers

A perk of my day job as a floral designer: my camera roll is filled with beautiful flower shots. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and I can’t stop snapping photos around our design studio. (The camera is so good.) I rounded up a collection of my favorites, sized them for screens, and shared them below for you to use as free floral iPhone wallpapers!

I’d love to hear if you download and install one; let me know your favorites in the comments. And if you’re interested in more of these, I’m happy to make it a seasonal series.

For more floral photos and behind-the-scenes peeks of my #floristlife – follow me on Instagram at @keiralennox.

Easy Download & Installation Instructions


If you’re viewing the mobile version of this post from your iPhone, tap and hold your favorite image(s) and select ‘Save Image’. This saves the image right to your camera roll. (Tip: download two or more if you want different images for the home screen and lock screen.)

To install, head to your iPhone settings and scroll down to ‘Wallpaper’. Tap ‘Choose A New Wallpaper’ and the image(s) you saved will appear in ‘Recents’ from your camera roll. Pick your favorite and set it to your lock screen, home screen, or both. Easy peasy!


Right click your favorite(s) and click ‘Save Image As’. Save it to the desired destination (desktop, downloads, or a specific folder). Mac users – you can airdrop the image straight to your iPhone. If airdrop isn’t an option, email the image as an attachment to an email address you manage on your iPhone, and download the image attachment to your camera roll. Then follow the installation instructions above.

Leave a comment f you have any trouble, and I’ll do my best to help. Hope you enjoy these free floral iPhone wallpapers!

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  1. 2.21.21
    Sarah Olson said:

    Thank you so much for brightening my back grounds! Shared with my sisters as a “happy” so they could enjoy also. Would love this as a series!!

  2. 2.9.21
    Jenny said:

    Thank you!! Saved the roses and one of the bright pink ones—I’m awful at recognizing flowers. I’d adore a seasonal series. These are all gorgeous shots.

  3. 2.9.21
    Susan said:

    OH my goodness, Keira! These are stunning and I’m so happy that you are sharing these with us 🥰 It would be amazing if you could do a seasonal wallpaper series. Great job!

  4. 2.9.21
    Julie said:

    I LOVE these. I’m always looking for seasonal wallpaper for my phone so I’m all for you continuing to share. I’ve already changed my Lock Screen to the pink peonies. (Are they peonies?!?! Either way they’re beautiful!)