10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Work & Organization

Filofax A5 Organizer in Bright Orange Saffiano

I wrote about my love of the Filofax Organizer* years ago in this post. Since 2016, it’s my #1 pick for planning, notes, and project management. I love the classic style of the binder and the customizable insert packs that let you create your best planning system. And the best part: once you invest in a binder, you can use it for years with fresh new inserts. My old binder was looking a bit worse for wear, so I snagged a bright orange saffiano* replacement. This nearly-neon organizer* makes jotting to-do lists and scheduling my workweek way more fun.

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Greer Chicago Highlighting Pencils

I discovered the independent stationery shop @greerchicago on Instagram last spring. It’s my go-to place to treat myself with special office supplies and stationery finds. (Do you also #treatyoself with pretty notebooks and fancy pens? Let’s be friends!)

These highlighter pencils are the best for highlighting and color-blocking in my Filofax. They’re super vibrant and don’t bleed through the page. I keep them stashed in this pretty peach pencil pouch, also from Greer.

image via Truffle

Truffle Clarity Clutch, Wristlet & Mini Jetset Case

I splurged on a few pieces from the Truffle clarity collection* last year after lots of research to make sure they’re worth the hype and price tag. This review from The Beauty Lookbook officially sold me. I love organizing my handbags and totes with pouches that I can easily transfer between handbags, and these high-quality clear pouches with leather trim* make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re elbow-deep in the bottomless pit of your bag. (They’re also so aesthetically pleasing when they’re filled with pretty products!)

The wristlet is the perfect size for my phone, Airpods, a small card holder, and a lip balm; I can take it out of my handbag and have all my essentials when I run into a store or the gym.

If you want a less expensive alternative, try this zip-around cosmetic bag* from Amazon.


Baggu Duck Canvas Tote Bag

My Cuyana box crossbody is my favorite everyday bag, but for the last several months, I’ve relied on my Baggu canvas tote bag* to schlep my laptop, water bottle, snacks and Filofax back and forth from the flower shop. The bag itself is super lightweight, but the canvas is tough and sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight and take a beating in transport. I have a discontinued leopard version, but the new leopard edition* is super cute for spring and summer!

Sidebar: the summer

Minimal Black Face Masks

When face masks became a part of our daily routine a year ago — a year ago?! — I wanted all the pretty prints and textiles to lift my spirits and make a new pandemic mask mandate feel less daunting. (The Johnny Was 5-pack silk charmeuse printed masks* were my top pick, and after a year of washing and daily wear, they’re still going strong!) Now that face masks are a ubiquitous part of my everyday uniform, I just want chic and minimal, all-black options that are comfortable in Florida heat and humidity.

While I prefer the sustainability of a reusable option that I can toss in the washing machine, I like to keep a handful of these disposable black face masks* in my car and handbag as backup for the times I forget my mask at home. And these reusable black cotton masks* are a good affordable option that C and I both like.

Beauty & Self Care

Zents Dry Body Oil

I bought my first bottle of Zents Dry Body Oil* years ago, in a spa gift shop on staycation with C. Every time we returned to that hotel, I picked up a fresh bottle to bring some of that R&R vibe to my weekday routine. It smells so lovely, and is really nourishing for dry skin. I haven’t used it in ages — the Necessaire body lotion is my MVP body moisturizer — but something reminded me of the Zents oil* recently and I was happy to find it on Amazon*. ‘Sun’ and ‘Ore’ are my favorite warm and peppery scents. It’s nice to be mentally transported back to one of our favorite spots, until we can get away again.

Necessaire Hand Cream

We’re all washing our hands a lot these days, and between that and the alcohol-based antibacterial wipes I use to clean my hands in the car after every gas run and errand, my poor hands and cuticles are dryyy. Necessaire launched a hand cream* late last year, and it’s a great no-frills, fragrance-free formula that absorbs quickly with no greasy residue, for instant relief and extended hydration. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm* is my favorite luxurious treat — it smells so good — but the Necessaire option* gets the job done for $10 less.

Luv Scrub Body Cloth

Grace has a great review of the Luv Scrub exfoliating body cloth over on The Stripe. She #influenced me to try it. I bought two last summer, and it’s one of my best purchases of 2020; I use it every day in the shower with Necessaire body wash*. The Luv Scrub is a textured nylon cloth — think giant unspooled loofa — that gently but effectively sloughs away dry, dead skin. It improves overall texture, minimizes those pesky arm bumps, and exfoliates for a super close shave. I toss mine in the washing machine and hang them to dry, and they’re still good as new. 13/10 would recommend.

Home Stuff

Chamberlain Coffee Sachets

Our local coffee shops need all the love right now, but on the mornings you can’t make it to your favorite spot, it’s handy to have an easy go-to on deck at home. Enter: single-serve Chamberlain Coffee sachets. They’re like tea bags, but filled with really good ground coffee. You steep a sachet in 8 ounces of hot water for 5(ish) minutes while you get dressed — or scroll through Instagram; do you, boo — then throw in your favorite milk or creamer and go about your business. When I’m feeling fancy, I add a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to the party. And of course, I make it in a Corkcicle insulated tumbler* to keep it hot for hours.

You can also use the Chamberlain Coffee sachets to make overnight cold brew in the fridge, or stash them in your bag to bring to work/school.

Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves

Did I save the best for last? Maybe. Nothing brings me comfort like a thick slice of fresh bakery bread, slathered in soft salted butter and topped with really good jam. It’s my prescription for everything that ails ya’. We’ve easily gone through a dozen jars of Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves in the last 12 months, and stopping by the grocery store for more is literally on my to-do list right now. Their strawberry and raspberry preserves are also delicious, but in our house, the sweet and tart cherry is the GOAT. Spread it on biscuits, corn bread, farmer’s market sourdough, scones, croissants, vanilla ice cream… gah, now I’m hungry.

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