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If you’re feeling bored with your wardrobe, I highly recommend sharing photos of your outfits with the Internet to get re-inspired. ;-) This is my 3rd roundup of real-life weekday looks, and I have a few observations. First, I notice the stand-out basics that I reach for again and again; like my oversized denim shirt and classic white button-down. Second, I’m more mindful of mixing things up so these weekly style files posts don’t feel monotonous. This means getting out of my rut of wearing the same handful of tops and jeans over and over, and looking at everything in my closet with fresh eyes. Which makes me realize, I have a lot of good stuff that I just don’t wear! So finally — and most importantly — I haven’t felt itchy to buy anything new. 10/10 would recommend.

On to this week’s outfits!

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Style blogger wearing black silk Acler blouse with H&M Vintage High Rise Ankle Jeans


I have a handful of silk tops I love that rarely leave my closet because I worry they’re too delicate for the weekday.

I read something a while ago about the psychology behind women saving pieces for special occasions, and how we should reverse that deprivation mindset. Turn every day into a special occasion and get some joy out of your clothes! If you wear something special and somehow ruin it, isn’t that better than never wearing it at all? Wear the silk shirts, Keira!

Style blogger wearing leopard midi skirt with ivory t-shirt and summer canvas bag


A leopard midi skirt is an unexpected all-season wardrobe workhorse. You can pair it with a tee or camisole and sandals in the summer; or throw it on with a sweater or leather jacket/blazer in the fall and winter. I didn’t realize how classic and minimal it could be until The Anna Edit showed me the light. She includes hers in nearly all of her seasonal capsule wardrobes.

Mine is a secondhand find, but Nasty Gal has a similar leopard midi skirt on sale for under $25 here!

  • Amazon sunglasses
  • Rachel Zoe leopard midi skirt via Poshmark
  • Canvas Tote (Lasater Flowers)
  • Calvin Klein ‘Noelly’ leather mules
Style blogger at home wearing chartreuse fuzzy sweater and white Zara jeans


Wednesday was a work-from-home day. I threw on a bright cozy sweater with a comfy pair of jeans and flip flops.

This fuzzy chartreuse sweater is from Carrie Underwood’s activewear line. I found it on a clearance rack at Dick’s Sporting Goods while C looked for new golf shoes. (I also bought a pair of bright red EVA Birkenstocks that day. They sat in my closet, unworn, for weeks until I saw my friend, Lisa, wearing hers. I put them on the next day and haven’t looked back; they’re my favorite running-around/dog-walking sandals!)

Style blogger wearing oversized denim shirt with skinny jeans and a Cuyana structured leather tote bag


Double-denim is one of my top 5 no-fail outfit combinations. I know it can feel tricky to pull off. But here’s my best tip to make it look polished: either match the tones of denim on the top and bottom (dark/light blue, washed black, etc.) or contrast between a light and dark blue; then add a pop of color or print with your accessories.

In these kinds of combos, let your shoes, bag or jewelry do all the work!

Style blogger wearing H&M high rise denim shorts with a classic white button down and Bandolier iphone crossbody


I wrapped up the week with a great pair of high rise denim shorts (only $25 at H&M) and an easy button-up. Looking back, it’s a variation of the outfit I wore last Friday: same shirt, different shorts and sandals.

I saved this IG post from @_katiepeake featuring 5 ways to style these exact shorts for inspiration for the rest of the summer.

One last note: I love my Bandolier leather iPhone crossbody case for days that I spend running around doing errands and flower deliveries. The phone case itself has a little card case, which is convenient if you want to go super minimalist. I use an attachable expandable pouch to hold my car key fob, a slim card case for my ID and credit cards, a few individually-wrapped antibacterial wipes, and a lip balm. It’s one of my best accessory investments of the year. You can find more styles and colors at bandolierstyle.com.

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  1. 9.20.21
    Helen said:

    Another great set of looks! Your shoe collection is awesome!

  2. 8.16.21

    Love, love, love your style! 🤩