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Final Four

Remix #27 of 30 :: black silk dress + drape vest + nude stiletto sandals I don’t have much time to write today; I have a cooler full of hydrangeas and roses that I have to whip into bridal designs for a wedding and a bucket of sunflowers to drop into mason jars for an event downtown, and I want to breeze through it all so I can get a jump start on the weekend. If you’re interested in behind-the-scenes stuff around the flower shop, you can follow me on Snapchat or Instagram — both ‘keiralennox’ — to see what it’s like to run around like a headless chicken/be a florist. {wink} Happy Friday, friends!


Summer Scarf

Remix #26 of 30 :: roll-sleeve shirt + dark skinnies + stacked heel sandals One of the risks of a small seasonal capsule wardrobe is occasional clothes casualties. Two of my pieces didn’t survive the 30 for 30: I wore my cropped jeans to help with a downtown volunteer project after work and splattered them in red paint; and I washed my black cropped pants in an effort to shrink them a bit, but just faded them instead.  Thank goodness we’re nearing the end, because with my track record of accident-prone clumsiness I’d probably be out of clothes by the end of next month. Since my bottom options are dwindling and I don’t want to wear my denim cut-offs to work, I’ll have to get a little creative with my remixes over the next few days. This morning I reached into the farthest dark abysses of my closet to find my neglected scarf collection, and pulled out the very lightest linen one I own to zhush up a plain white blouse and skinnies.  

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 | OOTD |

Almost There!

Remix #25 of 30 :: olive wrap-front top + white ankle skinnies + suede ballet flats I’ve had a lot of fun with this summer 30 for 30 remix challenge — so much, in fact, I’m thinking of doing a fall version in October! — but I’m ready to wrap it up and let these white ankle skinnies hibernate for a while.

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Double Denim

  Remix #23 of 30 :: denim jacket + dark skinnies + texture knit tank + stacked heel sandals Kids went back to school last week, and like every year around this time, it feels like someone flipped a switch on our slow summer pace and lit up the flower shop with orders, weddings and events. I would really like to wrap up my summer 30 for 30 remix by the end of next week, but I’ll probably keep posts short and sweet as I savor these last few weeks of sweet summertime — I’m so sad to see it go! — and get adjusted to the upswing at work. It always takes a minute to shake off the summer lazies and get back in the swing of things. ;)  

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Every Day Sun Care Tips

Settle in, I’m about to get pretty long-winded about one of my favorite topics: skin care. Sun care is the most important step in any skin care routine, period. If your daily routine doesn’t include a good sunscreen, none of your other products really matter. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” First, let’s talk sun rays: short wave UVB rays affect the surface of the skin and cause sunburn, and long wave UVA rays go deep into the skin and cause wrinkles, brown spots and discoloration. Broad-spectrum protection is your best defense against skin damage, certain types of skin cancer, and premature aging. There are two types of sunscreen, physical (or mineral) and chemical. Chemical sunscreens have active ingredients that absorb UV radiation and prevent it from penetrating the skin. Physical sunscreens use natural minerals — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — that physically “block” the sun’s rays by reflecting and scattering them away from the surface of the skin. I usually prefer physical sunscreens for my face, neck and chest; they’re gentler on sensitive skin than their …