Benefit Hoola Bronzer Packaging Hack Quick Tip: A Hoola Hack - I’m filing this one under “Possibly Useless Posts” because it seems kind of silly to share, but you just never know when a simple beauty hack could be your Oprah “ah-ha!” moment. So here we go! Benefit Hoola is one of my favorite everyday bronzers, and one of my top picks for light complexions. It’s a […]
Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipstick Review, Luxury Makeup Hourglass Confession Review - The new Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipstick is the most luxe thing in my handbag right now. Housed in a sleek gold applicator that feels like a tiny sculpture in my makeup pouch, this lipstick promises “creamy, saturated, long-wearing color with a satin finish, without smudging or feathering.” Does this lippy live up to […]
10 Everyday Beauty Cheats and Makeup Tips 10 More Beauty Cheats Every Girl Should Know - 10 Beauty Cheats Every Girl Should Know is one of the all-time most popular posts on my blog. I love that I’m not the only one who appreciates a good beauty hack! It’s been four years since I wrote that post (!!) and I’ve learned a lot of good tricks since then. Here are 10 more of […]
Best Summer Drugstore Foundation, L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation Review My #1 Drugstore Foundation - When summer rolls around, I push all my full-coverage foundations to the deep, dark depths of my makeup drawer. I love “less is more” summer beauty vibes — and the Florida heat and humidity literally melts heavy makeup right off yo’ face — so I reach for lightweight water-based foundations, sheer skin tints, and all-in-one CC […]
Best Bronzers For Light Skin, Bronzers For Light Complexions, Best Bronzers The Best Bronzers For Light Skin - If you're a fellow pale girl, you know that bronzer can be terrifying -- we've all had our share of too-dark/muddy/streaky catastrophes -- but when you find the right one, it's magic.
Skin Care, 30s Skin Care, Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid, Tips For Better Skin 8 Big Skin Mistakes I Made In My 20s - For years I thought my skin was sensitive and dry, but it turns out, it was just stressed, irritated and unbalanced from years of bad habits. Let's learn together from the error of my ways.
St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion Review First Impression: St Tropez Gradual Tan - A sales lady at Sephora talked me into dropping $30 on the St. Tropez gradual tinted tanning lotion, and I have mixed feelings about it. Let's discuss.
Easy 5 Product Makeup Look f/ It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars Bronze and Glow Palette, Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil | A 5 Product Makeup Routine For Lazy Mornings - Five multi-tasking makeup products that will get you fresh faced and out the door in a hurry.
Why There’s Lip Balm In My Eyebrows - To File under: Weird Beauty Hacks The Internet Made Me Try. Ya’ll know I love full feathery brows. I tweeze mine just enough to keep them from growing together/into my hairline/down to my eyelids (seriously, they’re wild) and lately I like them brushed straight up, à la Brook Shields in the ’80s. Last week, dropped the bomb […]
Best Under Eye Concealers My Fave 5: Under Eye Concealers - A good under eye concealer is an essential in my makeup stash these days (see: my tips for camouflaging dark circles). Since I’m all about fuss-free makeup, I look for concealer formulas that blend easily into the skin, brighten and minimize discoloration, and stay put throughout the day without touch-ups. Bonus points if they provide some […]