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My January Reading List

What I read this month: a luxury-health-resort-turned-nightmare, a campy thriller that kept me guessing, a modern classic set in a North Carolina marsh, a cautionary tale about the American Dream with a dilapidated house as the central character, and two very worthwhile biographies.

20 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Bookworm

Book of the Month Club :: A BOTM membership is a great gift that keeps on giving! Every month, BOTM judges select five new books from a sea of new releases and write detailed reviews to help you select your favorites. Your monthly picks are shipped straight to you in a cute box, sometimes with extra surprises. Get your first book for $9.99 + a free tote bag when you join using my referral link. (Not #spon,…

Weekend Reading

It’s been a while since we chatted about good books! Here are a few of my latest fiction and non-fiction favorites that I squeezed into my Harry Potter binge-reading.

Weekend Reading

If you’re looking for a good book to dive into this weekend, I have you covered: a couple light poolside reads; a tear-jerker narrated by a lovable dog; an inspirational guide for nurturing a meaningful creative life; and a dark dystopian novel that will make you think twice about all the water you waste.