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pretty little {web} things

DESIGNLOVEFEST’s Dress your Tech downloads. Fun and pretty wallpapers for all your devices that are super easy to use and change; like outfits for your iPhone and iPad. Best of all, they’re free! Instagrammer @justinablakeney‘s #facethefoliage portraits. Every time one pops up in my ‘gram feed, my heart stops a little. I’d love to try this with the scraps around the flower shop. Kris Atomic’s blog. Her illustrations make me so happy —  I want to be besties with her little top-knotted, bespectacled self-portrait — and her colorful photography and behind-the-scenes fashion posts  feel like a fantasy. { featured image via DESIGNLOVEFEST }

monday mood board | 05

This week: Oh, my darling, clementine! clementine print | Rachel Zoe Scarlett flats | orange lips | hydrangea + clementines | darling clementine print | Fossil Cecile watch | orange tutu | floral design | Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch | Camille Styles Cucumber-Clementine Salsa | Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC | Sea of Shoes orange coat | Late Afternoon orange leather dress | citrus print street style | Atlantic-Pacific dress and bike

I was going to post tonight…

… but I’ve been fantasizing about this recipe since I pinned it last week, and nothing cures a case of the Mondays like a home cooked meal. I’ve managed to tear myself away from the stove and my tasting spoon while this beautiful concoction simmers to final perfection to tell you this: Point your browser to Iowa Girl Eats, and bookmark that shiz immediately. Kristin’s blog is chock-full of recipes that are easy to follow and replicate, and everything I’ve made has been just… yum. Plus she’s adorable and witty, and as you read through her posts and peep her pictures it feels like you’re sitting in her kitchen while she whips up a meal. So I’ll be back with our regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow, but until then — chili mac and cheese until our faces fall off.

play with your food: artichoke stamped tote

Another fun project that Anne and I tackled during our crafting night, inspired by a recent fruit + veggie stamping post by A Beautiful Mess. I picked up a 3-pack of natural canvas tote bags a while ago to design some cute carry-alls. They were a bit smaller than I’d hoped, but they’re perfect as a lunch bag or for carrying my planner and a couple of notebooks back and forth from the shop. For some reason, my artichoke didn’t look a thing like Elsie’s, but I really like the way the pattern turned out!

whatcha readin’?

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed that things are pretty different around here. I touched on the hows and the whys in this post back in May. The gist: after more than two years of posting the same type of content, my blog and I were getting a little bored with each other. Our relationship was getting stale… We needed to spice things up and rekindle the passion. The changes have been good for us! I’m happy to report that we’re more in love than ever; by opening up this space to share more of my life, I have a renewed appreciation for my little corner of the Internet. Now, by venturing out of the personal style niche and into the vast world of lifestyle blogging, my blog reader could use a new crop of inspiration. I have a list of blogs I read regularly, but I know there’s a whole wellspring of creative content out there just waiting to be tapped… So I want to know your favorites. Which URLS …